All Creatures in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

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Credit: Merge Games

Smalland: Survive the Wild have a lot of different creatures that you can fight and even tame to use for your purpose. Here are all the creatures you can find in the game.

Smalland: Survive the Wilds is a survival adventure game with a crafting and base-building system. In terms of the settings, you can compare it to Grounded. However, in this game, you are not shrunken. Instead, you play as a small human-like creature to fight different kinds of bugs.

Even though Smalland: Survive the Wilds is in the beta phase, it has a great collection of creatures for the players to engage with. The creatures have their own behavior pattern. The passive creature will never attack the player, while the aggressive creature will always attack on sight.

Some of the creatures can also be tamed with special items and be used as a mount. So there are a lot of interactions to be had in this game. Here is a list of all the creatures you can find in the game. We have also included the biomes/environment they can be found.

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All Creatures in Smalland: Survive the Wilds Listed

The creatures of Smalland: Survive the Wilds can be categorized in different ways from passive creatures to bosses. Each of them fills a role in the world of the game. You can fight most of the creatures and even tame some. So here we have listed all the creatures and which type they are, along with where you can find them.

Creature NameCreature TypeWhere to Find Them
Carpenter Ant WorkerPassiveOak Forest (Day)
FireflyPassiveOak Forest (Night)
LadybugPassiveOak Forest (Day)
ButterflyPassiveOak Forest (Day)
MothPassiveOak Forest (Night)
SpiderlingPassiveOak Forest (Near Spider Matriarch)
Oak Forest (Near Water)
GrasshopperNeutralOak Forest (Day)
Jumping SpiderNeutralOak Forest
BeeAggressiveOak Forest
Bee DroneAggressiveOak Forest
Black WidowAggressiveSewer (Day)
Swamp (Day)
Bull AntAggressiveGreylands (Day)
Oak Forest (Day)
Carpenter Ant WarriorAggressiveOak Forest (Day)
Dawn AntAggressiveGreylands (Night)
Oak Forest (Night)
DragonflyAggressiveBeach (Day)
Ruins (Day)
Swamp (Day)
Green BeetleAggressiveBeach
Grey FlyAggressiveGreylands
MosquitoAggressiveSwamp (Night)
Nocturnal DragonflyAggressiveBeach (Night)
Ruins (Night)
Swamp (Night)
Nocturnal GrasshopperAggressiveOak Forest (Night)
Nocturnal LadybugAggressiveOak Forest (Night)
Nocturnal SpiderAggressiveSwamp (Night)
Sawyer BeetleAggressiveOak Forest
Stag BeetleAggressiveRuins
ToadAggressiveOak Forest (Cattail Pond)
Oak Forest
Wolf SpiderAggressiveSwamp (Day)
Black HornetBossGreylands
Giant Albino SpiderBossSwamp
King Stag BeetleBossRuins
Rhino BeetleBossBeach
Spider MatriarchBossOak Forest
Wasp QueenBossOak Forest
All Weapons in Smalland: Survive the Wilds
Credit: Merge Games

These are all the creatures you can fight. But there are also some creatures you can tame. Depending on which creature you have tamed, you will get to use its special ability of it. So here is a list of all the tamable creatures with special abilities.

Tamable CreatureAbility
DamselflyCan have a Limited Flight
GeckoCan Climb Slanted Walls
GrasshopperCan Long Jump
Ladybug5×4 Extra Storage Space
Wolf SpiderCan Inflicts Poison

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