Best Characters to Play With in Ravenswatch

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Best Character in Ravenswatch

Learn about the best character to play with in Ravenswatch.

Ravenswatch is a game that’s all about dying over and over again. Well, to initiate your frustration, you get to start from the beginning every time you mess up. Now that is what I call a thrilling adventure. To sound more realistic, It’s like Groundhog Day, but instead of reliving the same day, you’re reliving the same frustrating experience.

The game boasts a cast of heroic characters straight out of classic fairy tales but with an edgy, dark fantasy twist. These heroes join forces to take down some spooky nightmare creatures, but let’s be real, they’ll probably just end up getting killed in the process, eventually.

And don’t forget about the procedurally generated levels, which basically means the game randomly throws enemies and obstacles at you with no rhyme or reason. Sounds like a party, right? But don’t worry; it’s all worth it for the satisfaction of finally beating a boss after dying a hundred times.

However, Ravenswatch is available for Early Access on Steam. We will get our hands on the full version for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles in 2024. Right. For now, let’s talk about the best characters in Ravenswatch that we are going to meet.

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Ravenswatch – Best Characters

In Ravenswatch, you get to pick from a whopping six hero characters, each lifted straight from classic stories like Little Red Riding Hood, Beowulf, and The Snow Queen, as mentioned already. You’ll traverse an overworld filled with demons and other obstacles to gather strength to take on the big baddies ruling the land. Along the way, you’ll become intimately familiar with your chosen hero’s abilities as they uncover hidden powers to rid the land of evil. Let’s get into the depth of these characters one by one:

6. Aladdin

Aladdin in Ravenswatch
THe Genie charmer
Quick Overview
Role: Melee DPS / Crowd Control
Abilities: Massive AoE damage,
Generates Dream Shards,
Weapons: Dual scimitars

Aladdin, the ultimate genie slayer, is a playable character in Ravenswatch inspired by the classic tale of the Arabian Nights. As a master of the mystical arts, he can summon powerful genie magic to grant his wishes and aid him in battle.

One of his signature abilities is the ability to call upon Jinniya of the lamp for a wish, which grants her next ability with incredible power. The Power wish causes him to deal a massive 250 damage to all enemies around him, while the Special wish conjures 25 to 50 Dream Shards and a single magical object. The Defense wish fully heals or revives all nearby heroes and grants them a permanent 30 shield.

In addition to his genie magic, the genie charmer wields a pair of scimitars, which he can use to chain together powerful attacks. Each attack deals 16 damage, and the final attack hits all nearby enemies. Moreover, each attack can consume an Enchantment to strike twice with increased damage.

He can also call upon the Jinn of the ring, which allows him to fly forward and deliver a devastating blow dealing 80 damage. The longer he holds down the ability button, the farther he will travel and the greater the damage dealt (up to 50%).

Moreover, He can also throw them forward with his Enchanted Blades ability. The scimitars move forward, stop to spin, and then return to him, dealing up to 60 damage to enemies in their path. Each enemy hit grants the scimitars an Enchantment, making them more deadly with each use.

He can perform a quick Somersault that turns him into a formless creature to avoid enemy attacks and gain an advantage in battle. Any enemies he crosses become Vulnerable for 3 seconds, leaving them open to attack.

Finally, the genie-charmer can consume 150 Dream Shards with his Dream Wish ability to earn an additional Trait charge, making him even more powerful in combat.

However, this guy is only available after you complete the whole game.

Pros Cons
Versatile Combat ToolkitLate Unlock
Combo PotentialResource Dependency
Late-Game PowerhouseMelee-Centric

5. Beowulf, The Barbarian King

Beowulf in Ravenswatch
The Barbarian King
Quick Overview
Role: Melee DPS / Tank / Crowd Control
Signature Ability: Last Wyrm
Abilities: Shockwave,
Whirlwind, Shield Block
Weapons: Runic Sword

Beowulf the Barbarian, aka the Dragon Tamer! This guy’s got a pet dragon named Wyrm, which he can call on to help him smash, bash, and burn his enemies to a crisp. Of course, he can ride his pet dragon. That’s right; he’s basically Daemon Targaryen.

With his first ability, Last Wyrm, Beowulf can call upon Wyrm to empower his next Power, Special, or Defense move.

His Runic Sword is a devastating weapon allowing him to chain attacks. The last attack in the combo deals an impressive 200% damage, and the whole comSwordals a total of 70 damage.

Beowulf’s Shockwave ability lets him scrape his sword on the floor to project a shockwave in front, dealing 50 damage. If he’s using Wyrm, the shockwave will deal an additional 50% damage and apply Ignite to hit enemies.

The Whirlwind move is a spinning attack that deals 15 damage to all enemies around him and finishes with a swing with 60 damage to all around him. If Beowulf has Wyrm by his side, the attack deals an additional 50% damage, and the finishing swing applies to Ignite to hit enemies.

Beowulf can also hold up his shield to block incoming damage and then bash his enemies to deal 30 damage. If he has Wyrm with him, the shield bash deals an additional 50% damage, and each attack blocked will heal all nearby heroes for 30% of the blocked damage.

Lastly, with his Dragon Flight ability, Wyrm takes off and tracks his enemies, continuously breathing fire over its course, dealing 200 damage per second and applying Ignite to hit enemies. However, his trait is disabled during this time, so he must use it strategically.

Pros Cons
Dragon SynergyDependence on Wyrm
Ultimate Burst DamageVulnerability during Ultimate
Versatile EmpowermentMelee Limitation

4. Franz, The Pied Piper

Franz in Ravenswatch
The Pied Piper
Quick Overview
Role: Ranged DPS / Crowd Control / Support
Signature Ability: Infestation
Abilities: Acoustic Blast and Fortissimo,
Solo and Unchained Melody.
Weapons: Flute

Step right up, and meet Franz—the Pied Piper of Ravenswatch! This guy has a way with rats and is not afraid to use it. With his handy-dandy flute, he can summon a swarm of rats to follow him and do his bidding. And if that’s not enough, he can also blast enemies with some seriously powerful music.

First off, Franz’s ability Infestation allows rats to spawn from the ground and follow him around, up to a total of 20 rats. Once activated, he can order all the rats to attack enemies, dealing 5 damage per hit and then dying afterward. It’s a swarm attack that can be quite effective.

In addition to his rodent army, Franz has his trusty flute. Holding down the button for his Flute ability sends out notes that deal 6 damage each. Moreover, his Solo ability sends out 3 waves of 3 notes, each dealing 12 damage. Both abilities do not prevent movement but do reduce movement speed.

Franz’s Fortissimo ability creates a zone of power that makes enemies inside Vulnerable, setting them up for some serious damage. His Acoustic Blast creates a stunning and pushing-back effect on all enemies around him, giving him some breathing room in a tight spot.

Finally, Franz’s ultimate ability is Unchained Melody. When activated, he continuously plays notes very quickly, automatically targeting the closest enemy to deal up to 120 damage per second. During this ability, Franz runs forward, but he can still be oriented to target specific enemies.

Overall, Franz’s music-themed abilities and infestation focus make him a unique and effective addition to the Ravenswatch team. Just be sure to watch out for any rat-related puns when playing with him.

Pros Cons
Zone ControlReduced Movement Speed
Versatile Damage OutputUltimate Vulnerability
Limited Burst Damage

3. Melusine

Melusine in Ravenswatch
the siren
Quick Overview
Role: Ranged DPS / Crowd Control / Mobility
Signature Ability: Siren’s Call
Abilities: Wisp Attack, Splater, Water Bomb.

Introducing Melusine—the siren of Ravenswatch. This sultry sea creature can easily switch between singing her heart out and moving. She’s got some serious water-based attacks up her sleeve.

With Siren’s Call, she can switch between Sing Stance and Move Stance, casting a controllable Wisp while immobilizing herself in Sing Stance. In Move Stance, she can revoke the Wisp and regain control of her movements.

In Sing Stance, Melusine’s Wisp can perform a variety of attacks. Wisp Attack allows the Wisp to suddenly dash and deal 21 damage to any crossed enemy. Splater, on the other hand, pulses a splash of water, dealing 50 damage to all enemies around.

Melusine can also use Torrent to project water waves forward, dealing up to 100 damage to hit enemies. Additionally, she can Dive into a pool of water, becoming a formless creature for a time and reappearing in Move Stance when finished.

Melusine’s Water Bomb ability allows her to wrap herself in a water sphere, turning Invincible. After a short time or if triggered, the sphere explodes and deals 300 damage to all enemies around. With her range of aquatic abilities, Melusine is a formidable force to be reckoned with in Ravenswatch.

Pros Cons
Adaptive Stance SwitchingImmobility in Sing Stance
Defensive ManeuversVulnerable During Dive
Crowd ControlSkillshot Accuracy

2. Nyss, The Snow Queen

Nyss in Ravenswatch
The Snow Queen
Quick Overview
Role: Ranged DPS / Crowd Control
Signature Ability: Ice Skating
Abilities: Ice Lances, Frost Blast, Ice Shatter.

Nyss, the Snow Queen from the fairy tale, is a powerful ice-based character in Ravenswatch. Her abilities revolve around manipulating frost and cold to deal damage and control the battlefield.

Her first ability is Ice Skating, which increases her movement speed and creates frost under her feet, making enemies she crosses become chilled. During the day, the frost deals 30 damage, while at night, it lasts for 6 seconds.

Nyss can also shoot Ice Lances that deal 20 damage and pierce through enemies. Ice Lances deal an additional 50% damage if the target is already chilled.

Her Frost Blast ability creates a large zone of frost that chills enemies within it. During the day, the Blast deals 60 damage, while at night, it lasts for 6 seconds.

Nyss’s Ice Shatter ability is a powerful attack that causes all chilled enemies to shatter, taking 50 damage and losing their chilled status.

Gust of Cold allows Nyss to cast a cone of cold in front of her, pushing enemies away and making them chilled.

Finally, Nyss can channel a powerful Frost Ray to the ground, dealing 120 damage per second and creating a frost zone. During the day, the ray deals an additional 50% damage; nice.

Pros Cons
Adaptive Chilling MechanicReliance on Chilling
Ranged Crowd ControlVulnerability during Channeling
Nighttime AdvantageLimited Mobility During Ice Skating

1. Scarlet, The Red Riding Hood

Scarlet in Ravenswatch
The Red Riding Hood
Quick Overview
Role: Melee DPS / Burst Damage / Dual Form Shifter
Signature Ability: Lycanthrope
Abilities: Chain Dagger Slashes, Hunter’s Souvenir,
Chain Claw Swipes, Howl
Weapons: Runic Sword

Scarlet is a unique character in Ravenswatch, as she can transform between two forms: Scarlet in Day and Scarlet at Night, both with their own set of abilities.

As Scarlet at Day, she possesses the Lycanthrope ability, which allows her to transform into her human form at dawn. Her primary weapon of choice is her Daggers, which she uses to perform Chain Dagger Slashes that deal 15 damage each. Additionally, she lands on an enemy every two consecutive attacks, generating one Combo Point, which can store up to 3.

With her Swift Strike ability, Scarlet can rush forward, dealing 40 damage along the way. By spending all of her Combo Points, she can increase the damage of her Swift Strike by 50% for each point spent. Scarlet can also drop a bomb with 60 damage to enemies within the blast radius, stunning any heroes caught in the Blast.

She can also use her Cloak ability to turn into a formless creature for 2 seconds, during which any attack or power she triggers has a +100% Crit chance. Finally, with Hunter’s Souvenir ability, she can shoot with her shotgun, dealing 150 damage in a wide cone. This ability has 2 charges.

As Scarlet at Night, she again possesses the Lycanthrope ability, which allows her to transform into a werewolf. Her primary weapon of choice is her Claws, which she uses to perform Chain Claw Swipes that deal 15 damage each. Similar to her daytime form, every two consecutive attacks she lands on an enemy generates one Combo Point, which can store up to 3.

With her Bite ability, Scarlet can rush towards the closest enemy to bite it and deal 60 damage. By spending all of her Combo Points, she can increase the damage of her Bite by 50% for each point spent. Additionally, with her Leap ability, Scarlet can jump and smash the ground, dealing 60 damage around the landing zone.

Finally, her Howl ability grants her 50 Armor and Power gain of 15% life on hit, which lasts for 5.5 seconds.

All in all, Scarlet is a formidable character with unique abilities that make her a valuable asset to any team in Ravenswatch.

Pros Cons
Combo Point SystemSkillshot Accuracy
Burst DamageCooldown Management
Survivability and MobilityVulnerability During Cloak

And that is all I had for the best character in Ravenswatch. Hope to come back with more from Ravenswatch!

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