Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Morale & Fortitude Explained

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What are Morale and Fortitude in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty? Find out below.

Being developed by the same developers who made Nioh, there was a lot of expectation of how the game might be. Now after more than three weeks of its release, it’s safe to say that Wo long has not disappointed its fans. The game has many unique elements, making it worth trying if you enjoy games like Dark souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Among these elements, Wo Long has a Morale and Fortitude system similar to Shadow of Mordor, which can confuse some fans. However, the game can become easier to grasp once you understand it. Hence understanding it becomes that much more critical. Furthermore, we have made a complete guide on the Morale and Fortitude System in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty for anyone having trouble understanding the system.

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Morale and Fortitude in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Morale System

Before we understand the concept of Morale in the game, let us first take an in-depth look at what Morale is. Your Morality Rank will determine which enemies you can easily defeat and which will be challenging to defeat.

The number appearing above each enemy showcases their morality rank, and if it is red, it would mean you will need to put more effort into coming out on top when you go head-to-head against them. Well, for players who like themselves a challenge, if you manage to kill an enemy with a higher mortality rank than you, the game will reward you with rare drops and a boost in your Morale Rank.

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So, how do you increase this Morality Rank? Well, in every mission, your Morale rank will start from 0 and can go up to 25. To improve this rank, the rule is simple: keep defeating enemies with Morale Rank equal to you or little bit higher, and you will hit 25 in no time.

Moreover, to make things more interesting, Wo Long has introduced that the Morality rank system will also work with your enemies. Meaning if an enemy manages to kill you, killing them the second time will be more difficult.

Fortitude System Explained

Fortitude System represents the minimum amount of Morality players can attain. For example, if you have a Fortitude Rank of 5, once you die and respawn, your Morality rank will be 5. Of course, you can increase this rank, but you must find Battle Flags and Marking Flags. Battle Flags like bonfires or checkpoints inside Wo Long are easy to get. On the other hand, Marking Flags are not so easy to get, as you will have to finish several challenges.

Apart from getting to know the Morale and Fortitude System, you will need the best armor and weapons to become the best in the game. So if you are wondering what are the best builds in the game. Check out our complete guide here: Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Best Builds For Every Virtue.

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