Best Virtue Builds in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

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Here are the best Builds for every Virtue in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Quite a fan Soulsborne, are ye? Well then, let us introduce you to Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, which combines the best of both. Apart from having a combat style like Dark Souls, it enables you to customize your characters according to your wish. Allowing you to choose what kinds of spells, weapons, and armor your character uses.

However, since there is such a massive window of opportunity to customize, it becomes tough for fans to choose the best one. So we are here to make this choice easier for you. Below we have made a complete guide on all the best builds you can find inside each Virtue in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Best Virtue Builds in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

The game has 5 different virtues: Fire, Earth, Lightning, Wood, and Metal. Taken from the Chinese Philosophy, each Virtue will allow you to increase your in-game stats. Hence, you must figure out which Virtue you want to focus on to build up your own style. Moreover, you can check out the complete list of best builds inside each Virtue below:

Best Fire Virtues

Flaming Spellsword Build

Best Fire Virtue Build
Credits-Koei Tecmo

Build Details:

  • Primary Spells: Amplify Damage, Fiend Vanquisher, Engulfing Inferno, Blasting Flare
  • Weapons: Tiger Fang Dual Halbreds, Sky Piercing Halbred
  • Divine Beast: Tengshe
  • Armor: Young Conqueror Set
  • Primary Stats: Fire(Primary), Earth (Secondary), Wood (Tertiary)

This Fire build mainly focuses on speed and damage. Being one of the fastest builds in the game, it will let you do damage and get out of close counter situations as quickly as possible. However, players must know when and where to use each ability to get the best out of this excellent build.

Moving onto the build, remember to use your lightning-quick melee attack to kill off weak enemies instantly. Use your Fire Spells to rain hell upon the larger enemies, and finally, use your Burn damage to deal damage overtime making everyone weak, and easier targets to kill.

Speedy ExecutionPrecision Dependency
Versatile Damage OutputLimited Defensive Abilities

Best Water Virtue Build

Stealth Assassin Build

Best Water Vitrue Build
Credits-Koei Tecmo

Build Details:

  • Primary Spells: Alacrity Haste, Unseeable Form/Ice Weapon, Ominous Chill, Aqua Blink
  • Weapons: Feathered Calvralry Bow, Mounted Bandit Scimitars
  • Divine Beast: Baize
  • Armor: Stalwart Tiger Servant Set
  • Primary Stats: Water(Primary), Wood (Secondary), Metal (Tertiary)

Stealth Assasin sounds exactly like what it hints at. Using this style, you can try to feel what it is like to be an assassin in a game like Wo Long. This build is not recommended to be used against bosses. However, apart from boss battles, it is undoubtedly one of the best. The Stealth Assasin Build will increase the damage of your ranged weapons and let you be more sneaky and cheeky with your moves.

Use your spells to evade enemies and become invisible, use your weapons at long range, and avoid close counters. Follow these steps and it will make you feel like the assassin you dreamed of being while playing Spy Games.

Stealthy PrecisionNot Ideal for Boss Battles
Ranged Damage BoostVulnerability in Close Encounters

Best Earth Virtue Build

The Immovable Object Build

Wo long Earth Virtue
Credits-Koei Tecmo

Build Details:

  • Primary Spells: Illusionary Shell, Fiend Vanquisher, Quakebound, Stone Weapon/Absorb Vitality/Focus Zone
  • Weapons: Heavy Cavalry Spear
  • Divine Beast: Yinglong
  • Armor: Unflinching Bravery Set
  • Primary Stats: Earth(Primary), Wood (Secondary Stat), Water (Tertiary)

In this Virtue, the best build you can make revolves around the quote, “If you get hit, then punch back twice as hard.” With this build, you will have durable armor that will let you soak in a lot of damage, and your weapons will allow you to deflect some of these attacks to cause massive amounts of damage.

Apart from your weapons, the spells in this build will let you recover your health by taking damage, making a fair trade between losing and gaining HP. Also, using the right spells at the correct times can help you overcome the kind of enemy you face in the game.

Counter-attack FocusPrecision Dependency
Adaptive Spell StrategyLimited Mobility

Best Metal Virtue Build

Poison Swamp Build

Best Metal Build
Credits-Koei Tecmo

Build Details:

  • Primary Spells: Venom Snare, Thorn Shot, Life Wither, Molten Calamity Thorn
  • Weapons: Night Owl Cane
  • Divine Beast: Tengshe
  • Armor: Libationer Guo Set
  • Primary Stats: Metal, Wood (Secondary), Fire or Water (Tertiary)

This build, unlike others, focuses more on spells, making you a full-on mage rather than a warrior who takes the help of magic. When using this build, you must remember to use toxins, and your spells to deal damage and kill your enemies slowly. The strategy is very straightforward, just use Thorn shot, Life Wither and Venom snare and your enemies are good as done.

Even though this build is mainly built around the spells, the weapons recommended are also helpful once you inflict the extra poison damage. In all, this build marks up a very strategic way to do your battles.

Spell-Centric StrategyDependency on Spells
Synergy with WeaponsRequires Strategic Planning

Best Wood Virtue Builds

Zeus Build

best wood virtue build
Credits-Koei Tecmo

Build Details:

  • Primary Spells: Heaven’s Rage, Lightning Rush, Focus Zone, Inner Breath
  • Weapons: Golden Staff of King Yufu
  • Divine Beast: Bixie
  • Armor: Tianzhu Hermit Set
  • Primary Stats: Wood, Metal (Secondary), Fire (Tertiary)

According to the Greek methodology, this build is named after the God who sends Lightning and Thunder. This is another tank build that allows you to bring down Lightning and deal lots of damage to all enemies. Using this build, you can focus on mastering the Lightning spells and perform one of the most devastating attacks in the game.

Apart from spells, you will also have access to weapons such as the golden staff of King Yufu, marking this build as one of the best among all other virtues.

Tank BuildLimited Versatility
Lightning Spell MasteryRequires Strategic Planning

I Poison the Body Electric Build

Best wood virtue 2
Credits-Koei Tecmo

Build Details:

  • Primary Spells: Inner Breath, Perfect Restoral, Lightning Weapon/Lightning Rush, Venomous Discharge/Toxin Weapon/Poison Corrosion
  • Weapons: Dual Halberds of Lady Ho
  • Divine Beast: Tengshe
  • Armor: Libationer Guo Set
  • Primary Stats: Wood, Metal (Secondary), Fire (Tertiary)

Moving on to the final build in this guide, which consists mainly of the Wood virtue. This build focuses on Lightning and Toxins, both of which complement each other in Wo Long. For example, a shocked enemy has lower resistance to Toxins. As such, it opens up chances of critical strikes, and helps you end them quicker.

So while using it, make use, you are using your Divine beast and your Inner Breath Spell to inflict poison damage to your enemies and finish them off using your melee weapon.

Critical Strike OpportunitiesElemental Dependency
Efficient Melee FinishersStrategic Spell Management

While using these builds, you can overcome all kinds of challenges and boss fights. However, if you are wondering how to get to those boss fights and how many missions there are in the game. Check out our article on it here: Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – All Main and Side Missions.

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