All Arena Program Enemies in Armored Core 6

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Credit: From Software

Area in Armored Core 6 gives the player an opportunity to fight other ACs without worrying about any ammo cost. It also gives some nice rewards. Here are all the enemies you will face in the area of Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6 is a new entry to the franchise after a long break of 10 years. Between these 10 years, From Software has gone from a relatively small company with a niche audience to a mainstream player in the industry. So, this game has the task of impressing both new and old fans of the game alike.

Armored Core 6 keeps the fundamental part of an AC game while simultaneously updating the controls to a more modern version. Unlike the previous AC games, controls and movements are extremely fast in this one. And oftentimes, you can see the effects of all the souls-like games the company made previous to this game.

One of the side missions in Armored Core 6 is the area mission. Here, you will get to fight different key characters in their custom AC. Winning in the area not only rewards you with cash but also with OS Chips. These can be used to permanently upgrade different aspects of your AC. So, we have made a list to show you all the enemies you will go up against in the area in Armored Core 6.

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All New Game Arena Enemies in AC6

Enemy NameRank
“Invincible” Rummy29/F
Index Dunham28/F
G6 Red27/F
V.VI Maeterlinck25/E
Little Ziyi24/E
V.VII Swinburne23/E
G3 Wu Huahai22/D
Ring Freddie21/D
V.V Hawkins20/D
G5 Iguazu19/D
G4 Volta17/C
V.VIII Pater16/C
“Chatty” Stick14/C
Middle Flatwell13/C
V.III O’Keeffe12/B
“Cinder” Carla11/B
V.IV Rusty09/B
“Honest” Brute08/B
G2 Nile07/A
V.II Snail06/A
 Thumb Dolmayan04/A
G1 Michigan02/S
V-I Freud01/S

All New Game+ Area Enemies in AC6

Enemy NameRank
Integration Subject 51-001 KA-1
Analysis Subject 51-011 ALA-2
Integration Subject 51-012 ALA-3
Integration Subject 51-002KB-1
Analysis Subject 51-013 BEB-2
Analysis Subject 51-014 BEB-3
Integration Subject 51-003 KY-1
Analysis Subject 51-015 GAY-2
Analysis Subject 51-016 GAY-3

All New Game++ Area Enemies in AC6

Ennemy NameRank
Classified Subject 51-101 RD-1
Classified Subject 51-201 WD-2
Classified Subject: – –D-3

New game++ enemies reward the players with extremely rare coral weapons that are very fun to use. So if you are doing a new game++ playthrough, completing the area missions as soon as possible is highly recommended to get your hands on the new weapon parts.

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