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Here are all the best abilities you can equip in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart is the latest game from Mundfish, bringing a new combination of robots and humans, set in 1955. The game features an alternate reality where the Society Uniion never broke; instead, they created a world where robots and humans live together. In the game, you will play as P-3, an agent on a mission to unveil the secrets of a facility with evil robots.

In fact, in your journey to beat these robots, you will be given different abilities and weapons. If you are wondering how many abilities there are in Atomic Heart. Look no further because we have made a complete guide on all the Abilities in Atomic Heart below.

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All Abilities in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart has a huge list of abilities that grows closer to a Sherman Tree. The game has divided its abilities into Passive and active Skills sections. These sections are divided into 7 different skills, where each skill has there own tree and abilities you can choose from to unlock.

Passive Skills

  • Shock
  • Character Passives
  • Energy Management 


Name Of Skill Details Cost of Unlocking
Electrization Shocks your enemies 32 Neuroploymer
Power AmplifierYour Shocks will do more damage and will push enemies back40 Neuroploymer
Resistor MalfunctionShocked enemies will now receive more damage61 Neuroploymer
Neuro-Polymer Accelerator It will reduce your Shock ability cooldown75 Neuroploymer
Powerful ElectrizationConsecutive attacks will activate an electrified effect which will kill low HP enemies instantly87 Neuroploymer
Amplified Modulatorincreases the electromagnetic unit range 26 Neuroploymer
Chain LightningPart of the discharge bounces and deals damage to an additional target69 Neuroploymer
Extended TopologyYou will be able to hit an additional target using Chain lightning 75 Neuroploymer
Full ContactSecondary targets that get hit by Chain lightning will receive 100% damage95 Neuroploymer

Character Passives

Name Of SkillDetails Cost of Unlocking
Nora’s KissYou will be able to survive for a little amount of time while you have 1 HPN/A
Extra Capacity Cluster MunitionsThe number of cluster munitions you can hold will increase 27 Neuroploymer
Neuro-compression Tactical BackpackThis will increase your backpack’s capacity 75 Neuroploymer
Wild BoarIncreases the maximum Health 37 Neuroploymer
Morning ExerciseIncreases maximum running speed 80 Neuropolymer
Photon SinkIncreases your resistance to laser27 Neuropolymer
Avatar Immunity to elemental damage 45 Neuropolymer
BulwarkIt will increase your resistance to physical damage 78 Neuropolymer
Med Unit UpgradeYour Med Unit will now restore more Health57 Neuropolymer
Musclehead Increases your maximum Health110 Neuropolymer
JugglerYou will be able to use the Neuromed Capsule with one hand 87 Neuropolymer
Athlete Increases your maximum Health165 Neuropolymer
Second WindAdditional Dodge charge 38 Neuropolymer
Sleazeball It will shield you from all the damage done while you are dodging62 Neuropolymer
Cell DivisionYou can get fully regenerate your Health when you use the medical supplies242 Neuropolymer
Parkour You will be able to tuck and roll by avoiding damage 43 Neuropolymer
Full HouseYou will be able to swap weapons quickly67 Neuropolymer
Unaimed ShootingThe accuracy of your unaimed shotting will increase119 Neuropolymer

Energy Management

Name Of SkillDetails Cost of Unlocking
Energy DensityAnother Power cell will be added to the recirculation chamber34, 104 Neuropolymer
ATP RecyclingYour lost Health will be recycled into energy82 Neuropolymer
Greedy GutsYou can now restore more energy to the recirculation chamber146 Neuropolymer
Thrift A ranged attack will take less recirculation chamber’s power184 Neuropolymer
Energy ContainmentYour regeneration energy rate will be increased39 Neuropolymer
Atomic Heart Twins
Credits- Mundfish

Active Skills

  • Frostbite
  • Mass Telekinesis
  • Polymeric Jet
  • Polymeric Shield


Name Of SkillDetails Cost of Unlocking
Cryo JetThis will allow the use of copolymer to freeze enemies in one place12 Neuroploymer
High PressureThis will increase the Cryo Jet’s range11 Neuroploymer
Drastic MeasureThis will let you use your Cryo Jet at the cost of your Health after your gloves reserves are finished.35 Neuroploymer
Forced DefrostFrozen targets will get additional damage once the freeze effect is done34 Neuroploymer
Careful DisassemblyPlayers will receive additional loots once they defeat a frozen enemy 66 Neuroploymer
Neuro-Polymer AcceleratorThis upgrade will allow you to fire Cryo Jet longer101 Neuroploymer
Fire ExtinguisherThe Cryo jet will neutralize incoming damage22 Neuroploymer
Intensive SprayingThis will increase the Cryopolymer discharge function to freeze enemies quicker48 Neuroploymer
Diffuse Spray HeadThis will let you spray the copolymer in a coned-shaped area48 Neuroploymer
Cryo SleepThis will increase the freeze duration88 Neuroploymer
Absolute ZeroAfter freezing an enemy, the damage will be dealt while he is frozen104 Neuroploymer

Mass Telekinesis

Name Of SkillDetails Cost of Unlocking
Mass TelekinesisYou will be able to grab all enemies and lift them for a small amount of time 66 Neuroploymer
Forced Fall AccelerationYou can accelerate as you drop the enemies to deal damage with fall70 Neuroploymer
Amplified ModulatorThis will increase the range of Mass Telekinesis79 Neuroploymer
Barotrauma Damage per second of Mass Telekinesis is increased93 Neuroploymer
Drastic MeasureYou can use your Health to use the Telekinesis abilities once the reserves are done144 Neuroploymer
Increased ImpactThe amount of time you can hold your enemies in the air is increased 210 Neuroploymer
Increased PowerYou will be able to lift heavier enemies into the air 144 Neuroploymer
Neuro-Polymer AcceleratorThe cooldown of Mass Telekinesis is reduced 175 Neuroploymer
Energy VampireYou can drain energy from gripped enemies to restore the recirculation chamber’s powers. To activate it, however, you will need one Power Cell. 226 Neuroploymer

Polymeric Jett

Name Of SkillDetails Cost of Unlocking
Polymeric JetYou can do all kinds of elemental damage 20 Neuroploymer
High PressureThe maximum range of the Polymeric Jet will be increased23 Neuroploymer
Environmental ResistanceThe duration of the Polymeric Jet’s effects is increased52 Neuroploymer
Neuro-Polymer Air DefenseThis will let you fight and take down airborne enemies.85 Neuroploymer
Increased Polymer GenerationYou will be able to fire the Polymettric Jet longer69 Neuroploymer
Increased Chemical Reactivity DistanceOnce you shoot a target, the elemental effects will also be applied to all enemies nearby39 Neuroploymer
Mixture EfficacyElemental attacks will do more damage46 Neuroploymer
High ViscosityThe Polymetric Jet will now slow down enemies 63 Neuroploymer
Neuro-Polymer AcceleratorCooldown time reduced69 Neuroploymer

Polymeric Shield

Name Of SkillDetails Cost of Unlocking
Polymeric ShieldA shield will come out of your glove, which will protect you from all incoming damage apart from critical hits28 Neuroploymer
Overload and DestabilizeDeploying Polymeric Shield at full power and taking it back in will cause an explosion of combat polymer to be prayed on your enemies. You can use this polymer to inflict elemental damage later43 Neuroploymer
Absorption Coefficient The recirculation chambers will refill quicker46 Neuroploymer
Sponge EffectMelle Attakcs will recharge your energy meter82 Neuroploymer
Kinetic ReflectorYou can reflect all incoming melee damage to your enemy145 Neuroploymer
Neuro-Polymer AcceleratorThe cooldown of your shield is reduced. 96 Neuroploymer
Kinetic Reflector Upgrade, You will be able to block critical attacks as well with additional damage106 Neuroploymer
Reflective SurfaceAll laser attacks will be reflected your enemies82 Neuroploymer
Neuro-Polymer Reflector All ranged attacks will be reflected the enemy96 Neuroploymer
Increased Polymer GenerationYour Polymeric Shield will last longer106 Neuroploymer
Med Unit FeedbackYou will restore a bit of your Health while blocking damage124 Neuroploymer

Apart from all the abilities in the game, if you are wondering how many missions there are in the game. You can check out our guide here: Atomic Heart: All Characters.

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