Atomic Heart: How Long to beat

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Here is how long it takes to beat Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart is here to take you on an adventure to the world where humans and robots live together. The game is set in 1955, an alternative world of the Soviet Union. You will take control of a special agent who has gone dark and is assigned to investigate a secret facility. The story takes a strange turn from there as you will start seeing cyborgs, robots, and mutants. Your mission will be to unravel this mystery while fighting off enemies and robots.

Atomic Heart offers an array of missions, side missions, and a vast open world to explore. Besides this, you can take just hours exploring and admiring its beauty. Furthermore, if you are wondering how big the game is and how long it will take you to finish it, below we have made a complete guide on how long Atomic Heart is.

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How long is Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart has a storyline you can finish in around 15 hours without going through all the side missions and challenges. However, if you finish every task and watch all the cutscenes, players might enjoy Atomic Heart for up to 25 Hours. Finishing every achievement and completing the game 100% will give you 35 hours of gameplay.

Atomic Heart gameplay

Thirty-five hours of blood and machine oil to squander off your enemies should be enough for hardcore action-adventure fans. With a thrilling storyline, a spy discovers a secret facility full of robots and mutants. What could go wrong? You can only find out if you are jumping in to play Atomic Heart this Autumn.

Moreover, if you are wondering how many trophies there are in Atomic Heart, you can check out our article here: Atomic Heart: All Trophies and Achievements.

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