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Here are all the characters in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart has a unique storyline and a very diverse set of characters. Set in the times of the Soviet Union in 1955, society has grown into a weird era of robots and humans living together. Although in the game, you discover that Facility 3826 is full of evil robots and mutants and their blood lust.

There are still humans out there you can meet who play a vital role in the story. If you are wondering how many characters there are and what they do, below we have made a complete guide on all the characters in Atomic Heart.

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All Characters in Atomic Heart

Out of all the many characters in the game, there are 9 characters, especially those who play a big role in the game’s story. Below we have added each character and the role they play in the game:

  1. P-3
  2. Charles
  3. Dmitriy Sergeevich Sechenov
  4. Larisa Filatova
  5. Zinaida Muravyova
  6. Molotov
  7. Michael Stockhausen
  8. Petrov Victor Sergeevich
  9. The Twins


P-3 Atomic Heart
credit: Mundfish

Also known as Major Sergey Nachaev, P-3 is an agent and the main character of Atomic Heart, who you will take control of. He is a special agent of the Russian Government who has been tasked with finding out about the secrets of Facility 3826. P-3’s ideology says machines cannot be trusted, although he has enhanced his abilities by including implants inside of him. How will this affect his decisions in the game? Well, only one way to find out!


charles Atomic Heart
credit: Mundfish

A game with robots in 1955 won’t allow you to have any robot companions, but it sure does let you have an AI guiding you. Get ready to feel like Master Cheif but in a world of not aliens but robots in the era of the Soviet Union. Charles is an AI who will aid you on your journey to discover the truth about Facility 3826. It can give you background information such as locations, enemies, and facilities.

Dmitriy Sergeevich Sechenov

credit: Mundfish

Dr. Dmitriy Sergeevich Sechenov is the reason why in this reality, Russia won the war. He created a neural network called Kolletkiv which runs the AI of almost every robot in Atomic Heart. Even though he wanted to help everyone with his technology, after the launch of Kollektiv 2.0, things have changed, and now he needs P-3 to restore the damage that has been done.

Larisa Filatova

larisa Atomic Heart
credit: Mundfish

Of course, a game with AI and robots needs a neurosurgeon who implements all of this. Well, there is. Let us introduce you to the talented neurosurgeon Larisa Filatova, who kept working even after the death of her mentor. She works with the Kollektiv2.0 network making a bridge between humans and robots. The only issue that might bring her down is her free spirit, which makes her sometimes disobey her superiors.

Zinaida Muravyova

Granny-Zina Atomic Heart
credit: Mundfish

In Russia, even the grannies are involved in secret missions. Zinaida Muravyova, better known as Granny Zina, is a strong-willed person who knows the ins and outs of Facility 3826 because she is part of Sechenov’s inner circle. She is a vital asset in the game, informing you about the facility and how everything works there.


credit: Mundfish

Molotov is the high Ranked officer from Politburo who interrogates Dr. Sechenov. Considering his background, it’s unsurprising that he is very strict and antagonistic. Like P-3, he does not trust robots and comes to the facility to check in with Dr. Sechenov about the malfunctioning robots.

Michael Stockhausen

Stockhausen Atomic Heart
credit: Mundfish

Michael Stockhausen is another scientist hired by Facility 3826 for his skills. After the war, he went to the USSR to use his scientific skills and hunt for knowledge. All of these brilliant scientists together, but we still wonder what could go wrong.

Petrov Victor Sergeevich

Petrov Atomic Heart
credit: Mundfish

With so many scientists around, of course, we need a skilled programmer and engineer who puts everything together. Meet Petrov Sergeevich, the head of the Robotics Laboratory and also the person who plays the leading role in the development of Kollektiv 2.0.

The Twins

The Twins
credit: Mundfish

Left and Right, also known as the Twins, are Dr.Sechenov’s bodyguards equipped with the latest technology to take anyone who threatens the Doctor. The ballerinas are 8 feet tall and can take down any strong man any day of the week.

Apart from characters in the game, if you are wondering how many missions there are in Atomic Heart, you can check out our article on it here.

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