Akali has the lowest win rate among any other champions in patch 10.8

Despite receiving two buffs in season 10, Akali still has the lowest win rate among any other champions in patch 10.8.

Just a few patches ago, Akali was the most dominant champion in League of Legends. She had a 99.4% pick or ban rate in pro games before the patch 10.3 nerfs. Not to mention, on that 99.4%, she was picked in only 9 games and banned in 167 games.

Her soloq presence was terrifying as well. She had a massive 174% ban rate in the Korean Challenger ladder and around 60% ban rate across the globe. Numbers clearly showed how much players hated playing against her.

As a result, Riot Games nerfed her to the ground in patch 10.3. They removed her bonus movement speed while she is in the shroud, changed her R, and increased her E energy cost. Before 10.3, Akali somehow managed to be relevant in the meta no matter what Riot did to her. But these nerfs in patch 10.3 hit her so hard that they had to give her a hotfix buff in patch 10.3.

Her win rate continuously dropped in later patches even after the hotfix buff, as a result, Riot Games has to buff her again in patch 10.7.

But it seems like her ultimate cooldown buff in patch 10.7 didn’t help her at all as she is still struggling in the soloq. In current patch 10.8, she has the lowest win rate among any other champions in League of Legends with just a 43.97% win rate according to lolalytics. Her picks rate is also relatively low with just 4.76%. Her highest win rate is against Sylas, which is around 46%.

If Akali continue to struggle with her win rate, Riot Games might give her buffs in the upcoming patches.


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