Aim Gods: Finalmouse re-enables drops on Twitch to give players one last chance to win the new wireless mouse

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Finalmouse

Finalmouse has re-enabled twitch drops on their FPS game “Aim gods” to let players win the latest 37 gm wireless mouse for free.

Following the overwhelming demand from the community, Finalmouse has once again refilled their crates one last time as there were still many users with golden keys. FPS game enthusiasts that still couldn’t get their hands on Finalmouse’s latest 37 gm wireless mice can finally get another chance to get the mouse for free using their loot box system.

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On top of that, Finalmouse has apparently pushed out a new patch that includes new abilities and fixes for Aim Gods. People who still have a lot of golden keys left can still use them to literally win a mouse for free.

Finalmouse re-enables drops on Twitch

How to get a free finalmouse from Twitch drops?

Basically, you have to watch streamers on twitch who have the “drops enabled” tag on their Aim Gods stream. But in order to receive drops, you will need to connect your Aim Gods account with your Twitch account. After watching the stream for an hour, people will be eligible to get some keys. Later, they can use those keys to unlock loot boxes on Aim Gods.

If you are lucky enough to be blessed by the RNG gods, you may even get a $299 mouse for free. This is probably the first time a mouse maker has decided to give away their mouse via Twitch drops.

Since Finalmouse likes to do things slightly different than all of their competitors, they literally made an FPS game to sell their new lightweight wireless mouse. Public reaction has been pretty mixed regarding the whole situation.

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Some people are still not happy with the way Finalmouse like to sell their mouse by artificially limiting supply and increasing demands. The hype behind this mouse is unreal. Some lucky scalpers are actually bidding these mice on eBay and it reached over $6000.

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