Finalmouse creates an FPS shooter called “Aim Gods” to launch their 37-gram wireless mouse

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Finalmouse

Finalmouse, the original creator of the honeycomb design for lightweight gaming mice tailor-made for FPS gamers has finally released their new product.

Unlike most other normal mouse releases, Finalmouse really went above and beyond to market their product. To promote this new “revolutionary” mouse, they apparently created a new competitive FPS game and is now hosting a tournament worth $250k where some of the most mechanically gifted FPS players are competing against each other.

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Some of the big-name content creators and professional players from different Esports were invited to take home this prize money. However, the public reaction towards the game has been quite negative, to say the least.

Viewers are complaining about how uninspiring this game looks. Furthermore, most are dismissing this game as nothing but an advertisement for selling their new product.

$250k Aim Gods tournament

Since Finalmouse loves to do things a bit differently, they really took the “Supreme” model of creating hype surrounding a product and artificially creating demand by maintaining a tight grip on availability.

That being said, Finalmouse did popularize the whole lightweight gaming mouse movement with their previous iterations, but with this new 37gm wireless Magnesium alloy mouse they claim this is the next big thing in the gaming mouse space.

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Additionally, this mouse also claims to have 2 months’ worth of battery life. Now the main concern among the gaming mouse enthusiasts is the availability. Knowing Finalmouse, this will definitely fly off the shelf really fast.

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