Activision Reports hint at a New “Premium” Call of Duty Title for 2023

New Activision reports suggest that they plan to release a premium title in 2023. This surprises most players, as previous announcements have indicated that there will be no CoD release for the next two years.

Call of Duty titles came to a 1-year release cycle with MW (2019). However, this release cycle proved to be detrimental to future titles. Most players were unhappy with the 10-month life cycle of the game they were getting into.

However, Activision decided to change the 1-year game cycle into a traditional 2-year cycle. Modern Warfare 2 is the first game of the new 2-year cycle. Surprisingly, recent Activision reports suggest they aim to release a premium title in 2023, contradicting their latest game release cycle.

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Activision’s Tick-Tock Game Cycle

In a recent tweet, leaker TheGhostofHope shared a new intel drop from the latest Activision report. The report suggests that Activision will move to a Tick Tock cycle which is necessarily a 2-year cycle. The Tick or Year 1 will bring about a new premium title, followed by a Tock or Year 2. Year 2 will feature a paid premium DLC that will continue the storyline to the next Tick or premium release.

Furthermore, Hope and RalphValve’s collaborative report states that MW2 will be the first game to receive the premium paid DLC that might contain an extension of the TF141 saga and classic maps. Sledgehammer Games is set to lead the development of the significant premium DLC for 2023.

Although the premium paid DLC is good news for most players, the rumored price tag of “70 USD” will come as a bite in the leg. MW2 faced major backlash for the hefty price tag of 70 USD but soon went on to garner more than 1 billion dollar game sales in the first three weeks after the game’s release. Take this with a grain of salt until an official announcement is made, as these are rumors.

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