The Ultimate Guide to Karkh Enigma: Assassin’s Creed Mirage (AC Mirage)

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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There are many enigmas and treasures hidden in Karkh, and I want to show you all the enigma solutions and locations.

Like never before, AC Mirage brings Abbasid-era Baghdad to life. You’ll lose yourself in the bustling bazaars and moody streets. You can dash across rooftops and minarets under moonlit desert skies. Also, don’t forget to look for the hidden rewards in Karkh.

Even though the district of Karkh is small, it has one enigma to decipher in Assassin’s Creed: Mirage. Get the details on how to find Karkh’s lone enigma. You’ll be able to find Karkh’s only enigma, solve it, and unlock the reward with this guide.

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All Enigma Solutions and Locations in Karkh

Solve This Problem Quickly For Me (Karkh Enigma 1)

Enigma Location: You’ll find this enigma on a bench on the roof in the northwestern corner of the Officer’s Club restricted area in Karkh’s Fief of Rayasanah.

Solve This Problem Quickly For Me (Karkh Enigma 1) - Enigma Location

Solution: Now, go northwest of Jarjaraya in the Wilderness South, in the center of the burned ruins. You’ll find the treasure in the courtyard by searching for the house on an embankment near a small tower.

Reward: Hidden One Outfit Dye.

Solve This Problem Quickly For Me (Karkh Enigma 1) - Solution Location

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