The Ultimate Guide to Abbasiyah Enigma: Assassin’s Creed Mirage (AC Mirage)

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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There are many enigmas and treasures hidden in Abbasiyah, and I want to show you all the enigma solutions and locations.

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you can use Enkidu as your trustworthy friend. You will need your eagle companion to thoroughly scout each area and enemy in advance if you want to succeed. But even your friend can’t find hidden gems in Abbasiyah.

The scholarly district of Abbasiyah has three enigmas for you to uncover in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. They all have a puzzle or drawing to solve that hints at the treasure’s location. The guide lists all Enigma locations and gives you solutions, so you can find them. Find out where every mystifying collectible is located in Abbasiyah.

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All Enigma Solutions and Locations in Abbasiyah

A Challenge (Abbasiyah Enigma 1)

Enigma Location: You’ll find this enigma on the balcony of a house. The house is located in Yasiriyah in Abbasiyah, southeast of the House of Wisdom and south of the Scriptorium.

A Challenge (Abbasiyah Enigma 1) - Enigma Location

Solution: Now, go near Yasiriyah in Abbasiyah, east of the Observatory viewpoint, to a papermill with a water wheel. You can find the treasure by climbing the platform behind the wheel. Soon, you will see a shining array of light.

Reward: Rostam Outfit dye.

A Challenge (Abbasiyah Enigma 1) - Solution Location

Delight by the Dome (Abbasiyah Enigma 2)

Enigma Location: You’ll find this enigma in Kahtabah suburb, Abbasiyah, in the mosque. From the viewpoint, get to the mosque entrance and find the Enigma sitting on a desk.

Delight by the Dome (Abbasiyah Enigma 2) - Enigma Location

Solution: Now, visit Haylanah, south of Abbasiyah, in the dome’s gardens. You can find the treasure north of the viewpoint at a small pond. You’ll see something shining once you get there.

Reward: Mysterious Talisman.

Delight by the Dome (Abbasiyah Enigma 2) - Solution Location

The Gift (Abbasiyah Enigma 3)

Enigma Location: You’ll find this enigma near the pharmacy in Haylanah, Abbasiyah, west of The Great Bimaristan, on a rooftop. It’s on a small table.

The Gift (Abbasiyah Enigma 3) - Enigma Location

Solution: From the Enigma location, follow the river west to the Wilderness West. You can find the treasure on the southern bank, north of the Oasis fast-travel point.

Reward: Knight’s Talisman.

The Gift (Abbasiyah Enigma 3) - Solution Location

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