Assassin’s Creed (AC) Mirage: All Lost Book Locations

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Al-Jahiz wants the Lost Books to be discovered. Learn the best ways to find all of them!

Picture the bustling metropolis of Baghdad against the backdrop of the Islamic Golden Age in AC Mirage. The streets are teeming with merchants and travelers, creating a vibrant atmosphere. But beneath this is a world of conspiracies and secrecy, just waiting for Basim to uncover its deepest root.

Amidst this, you, in the shoes of Basim, have to find some books that were once lost. After a sincere request from Al-Jahiz from the House of Wisdom, you will be out to find these books and retrieve them for him. From dusty warehouses to the nooks of Palace, you will soon reckon this quest is not like the other ones you expected. However, to ease your journey a bit, I am here to guide you. Without further ado, hop right in!

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Lost Books in AC Mirage

As already mentioned, lost books are collectible items. A total of 7 Lost Books are scattered throughout Baghdad. From libraries to mosques, the places are never-ending. These books are part of history and part of the Islamic Golden Age. The age where Muslim scientists tried to find the root of science, philosophy, religion, and everything

Lost Book (Collectible Item)

You will find religious and historical texts, scientific treatises, and even fiction written by then-great scholars. Return these books in one piece to Al-Jahiz, and you will be rewarded with skill points and knowledge tokens. Now, off to guide you to find these precious collectibles.

Locations of All Lost Books

Lost Book #1 — Tafsir of Al-Tabar: Al-Tabari

Tafsir of Al-Tabar: Al-Tabari in AC Mirage

Location: Nestorian Monastery, Harbiyah

Head to this point. You will see stairs that lead down to a cellar. Turn left at the bottom of the stairs and continue along the hallway. You will have to push three bookshelves to make your way to the second hall through a small hole in the wall. Then, head to the end of the corridor, and the Tafsir of Al-Tabari should be seen dusted on a shelf.

Lost Book #2 — Kalila Wa-Dimma

Kalila Wa-Dimma in AC Mirage

Location: Great Mosque, Harbiyah

This is inside a locked duplex. Just get to the backyard and you will see an opening on the second floor window. Climb and get inside. From there, take the stairs to the ground floor. You will find the downstair room locked. However, there is a window of opportunity. You will notice a red keg to blast. Throw a knife and it will blast off the door next to it.

Take the stairs again and hop out from the second floor through the window. Now, look for the open entrance to the ground floor. Get inside, and the Kalila Wa-Dimma will be on a small bookshelf.

Lost Book #3 — Al-Khwarizmi: Al-Jabr

Al-Khwarizmi: Al-Jabr in AC MIrage

Location: Observatory, Abbasiyah

From the Observatory, head to the northwestern region pointed on the map by following the river. This building will be at the end before the city wall starts. The front door is boarded. However, it will not stand against a couple of punches. Get inside and look for the bookshelf. Move it, and you will see the famous Al-Khwarizmi in no time.

Lost Book #4 — The Book of Ingenious Devices: Banu Musa

The Book of Ingenious Devices: Banu Musa in AC Mirage

Location: Harbor Camp, Karkh

Head to the pointed building on the map. Now, look for the two wooden platforms on the building. Get to the first platform and look through the window. You will notice a bar blocking the opposite window. Just throw a dagger at the bar to break it. After that, enter the building through that window, and you will find the Book of Ingenious Devices on a table.

Lost Book #5 — Accounts of China and India: Suleiman Al-Tajir

Accounts of China and India: Suleiman Al-Tajir in AC Mirage

Location: Tuesday Market, Wilderness

Head to the Tuesday Market first. The place is quite heavily guarded. So make your way through the market and look for the guard house. Get inside from the second floor. Slay any of the guards if necessary. The Accounts of China and India will be on the table at the end of the room.

Lost Book #6 — Kitab Al-Azif

Kitab Al-Azif in AC Mirage

Location: Seleuia-on-the-Tigris, Far South-East

Head to this historical site. Then, locate a triangle of brown tarp with a ladder on the site. Head to the top, and you’ll notice a collapsible floor in the middle of the site. To break it open, use the firepots near you. Then, aim at the point, and it will burn to expose a hole. The Kitab Al-Azif will be inside the hole.

Lost Book #7 — Al-Sikkit: Diwan Abu Nu’as

Al-Sikkit: Diwan Abu Nu’as in AC Mirage

Location: Palace of the Green Dome, Round City

First thing’s first, you have to play through the main story until you reach the “Serpent’s Nest” quest. Up until this quest, you will not have access to the palace; more precisely, having access will be impossible.

Now, this mission will let you into the palace. First, look around the palace’s top floor. You will come across the grand library. Instead of going into the library, head to the other end of the hallway. There will be a desk in a bedroom area where you can find Al-Sikkit.

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