A leak suggests Counter UAV is making its way to Call of Duty: Warzone

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Image Via Infinity Ward

Warzone players have already spotted the Counter UAV in the Buy Stations and it is likely to cost around $4,500.

It’s nothing new for Infinity Ward to constantly add or remove certain things from Warzone. But ever since its release in March, nothing significant has changed to killstreak as there are still Cluster Strikes, Precision Airstrikes, and UAVs as the only options.

However, on Reddit, Warzone players have spotted a new killstreak in the latest patch after using four UAVs at the same time. And apparently this new killstreak is called Counter UAV, and its effect literally blocks the mini-map preventing players from seeing the safe zone.

Counter UAV is still not out in the Buy Stations for purchase, but if players want to recreate the effect they need to spend $16,000. However, Reddit user u/TwitterWWE has shared a screenshot where he was able to find the Counter UAV in the training part.

According to the post, Counter UAV in Warzone will cost $4,500 which is $500 more than the UAV. And the description says, “a drone that scrambles all enemy minimaps, regardless of distance, and incrementally disrupts their HUD the closer they get to the targeted area.”

Although Infinity Ward has not confirmed anything yet, we can expect to see the Counter UAV making its way into the Warzone in the upcoming patches.

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