A dedicated coach slot in tournaments is coming to VALORANT, confirmed by Riot

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

The wait is almost over for coaches in the VALORANT pro scene as an Esports strategist from Riot just confirmed that a dedicated slot for coaches is coming to tournaments alongside other improvements with future updates.

VALORANT has come a long way from the early days when the overall VALORANT tournament watching experience was not that great. Since then Riot has claimed that they have big plans to vastly improve the viewing experience very soon.

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In a tactical shooter, coaches have a pretty important role. However, in the current system, there is no dedicated slot for coaches at the moment. Seems like that may soon change. Riot claims that a slot for coaches in addition to more involvement from these coaches is coming very soon.

VALORANT coaches to get a bigger role

As of right now, coaches in VALORANT aren’t as involved during matches as other esports titles in the same tactical shooter genre. Due to some missing features, coaches can’t get more involved with the team.

Even a replay feature which is a must for any Esports title is still missing as of writing. While Riot hasn’t revealed the exact date on which these much-needed features will be added to the game, they assured players that improvements to the overall viewing experience and missing features are in the works.

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And exactly how involved coaches will be in VALORANT is another huge question mark as too much involvement from the coaches has lead to some really unwanted incidents like what happened to CS:GO and the recent ban on coaches. Hopefully, Riot will be able to keep the balance right.

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