This trick in VALORANT will allow you to boost over Sage walls

One of the most prominent abilities of Sage, her ice wall is known to be a powerful ability that is able to cut off important sections of the map. This makes her a difficult agent to play against when played right.

Sage is one of the most prominent sentinels in VALORANT. Her slow orbs are useful in slowing down enemy pushes. Her ice wall is also one of the most powerful space denial abilities. It can be used either defensively to block off enemy pushes or offensively blocking off flanking routes.

Often times in matches, an enemy Sage will wall off a push or a flank. The wall is usually broken and passed through, which alerts the enemy sage. But by boosting over it, it creates a surprise attack that the enemy does not expect. Reddit user u/YoureLuckyImBad posted a video explaining the method to execute this boost.

How to boost over Sage walls

Here, as shown by u/YoureLuckyimBad , the boostee stands in a corner and spams their jump and crouch buttons. The booster runs in the direction of the booster crouches and walks into the booster. Using this method of boosting, it is possible to traverse over a sage wall.

Be sure you practice this a couple of times in custom games with a friend before trying it out in your matches. Otherwise, you’ll be giving away your positions and the rest of your team will be at a two-player disadvantage.