73-year-old Russian Gaming Youtuber Neolux Neolux passed away

The curse of 2020 continues as a 73-year-old Russian Gaming Youtuber Neolux Neolux who beat games like dark souls 1,2,3, Sekiro, and Nioh passed away three days ago.

Neolux Neolux used to share game walkthrough videos of him beating games like dark souls 1,2,3, Sekiro, and Nioh on his YouTube channel. Every gamer knows how hard and immense patient it requires to beat these games. Even many young generation gamers find them tough to beat. But Neolux Neolux beat all of them at the age of 73 which clearly shows gaming is possible regardless the age.

His son made a public statement on April 28, confirming that Neolux Neolux has passed away on April 27th, 2020. Google translation:

“We all left the beloved play-player Nikolai, for some he became a grandfather, for some a wise mentor, perhaps even a true friend. We all grieve over this loss and condole with relatives.
We want to thank all those who have been with grandfather all this time. We will keep you informed of the future fate of the group and the YouTube channel …”

His family members didn’t mention the cause of his death.

On April 27th Neolux Neolux even uploaded a video playing Witcher 3 which apparently is his last YouTube video. He has around 17k subscribers on YouTube and going through his channel clearly shows how much he loved video games.


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