2020 new Battlecast Zac Skin: Splash Art, Release Date, and Price

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Image Via Riot Games

Riot Games reveals the first skin line for the upcoming preseason featuring new Battlecast skin for Nasus and Zac.

Last month, Riot Games said that they are very close to release around 120 new skins this year and was planning to deliver around 140 skins by the end of this year. Ahead of the preseason, Riot already announced skins for their sensational K-pop group K/DA. And promised to release skins for champions who haven’t received a skin in a long time in League of Legends.

And now, Riot has announced their first skin line Battlecast featuring Nasus and Zac for the 2021 preseason. Furthermore, along with the Battlecast skins, Riot has also announced the Resistance skin line as well.

Battlecast Zac Skin

  • Release Date: Patch 10.23, Thursday, Nov 12, 2020.
  • Price: TBA

Splash Art and Wallpaper

Battlecast Zac Skin
Image via Riot Games

Battlecast is a series of alternate universe skins that are related to Viktor’s lore. The Battlecast has two skin lines: General Battlecast and Resistance. And according to Riot Games, Zac will be in the General Battlecast class allying with Creator Viktor and others.

Just like other Battlecast skins, Zac is also going to have a red mecha hue. Moreover, his cells also have that robotic look as well.

This is also his first skin in more than three years as he didn’t receive any skin for around 1200 days. In addition to that with the new Battlecast skin, Zac now has 4 skins in League of Legends.

Battlecast Zac along with the Nasus skin is going live on patch 10.23 and will hit PBE soon for testing.

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