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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has many stables scattered throughout the Hyrule map. Here are all the stable locations in the game.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom builds upon the older game. Compared to the previous game, nearly all the systems are upgraded here. The game gives you a new map and new tools to mess around with. Even the most normal tasks, like finding stables, give you points you can spend on various items.

Even though there are three different maps in Tears of the Kingdom, only the surface map has all the stables on the map. Since you don’t have any flying mount, the sky map does not contain any stability. Also, the depth map is a high-level enemy zone. So it doesn’t have any stables. In this guide, we will show you all the locations for these stables on the surface map of the game.

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All Stables in Tears of the Kingdom

There are 17 different stables in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. They are placed relatively far distance from each other. But because of the giant settlement, they are not too hard to find. Here are the locations of the stables:

Stable NameAreaCo-ordinate
Dueling Peaks StableWest Necluda1757, -1957, 0010
East Akkala StableDeep Akkala4254, 2737, 0125
Foothill StableEldin Canyon2610, 1144, 0148
Gerudo Canyon StableGerudo Canyon-2773, -2240, 0029
Gerudo Valley Pass Mini-StableGerudo Canyon-1691, -1661, 0020
Hateno PastureMount Lanayru3620, -1943, 0180
Highland StableFaron Grasslands0520, -3443, 0047
Lakeside StableFaron Grasslands1547, -3535, -0061
Lookout Landing Mini-StableHyrule Field-0249, 0056, 0019
Lucky Clover GazetteTabantha Frontier-3247, 1766, 0118
New Serenne StableHyrule Ridge-1348, 0745, 0085
Outskirt StableHyrule Field1437, -1266, 0032
Riverside StableHyrule Field0326, -1087, 0009
Snowfield StableHebra-1643, 2567, 0234
South Akkala StableAkkala Highlands3125, 1687, 0201
Tabantha Bridge StableHyrule Ridge-2919, 0546, 0169
Wetland StableLanayru Wetlands0914, -0248, 0034
Woodland StableEldin Canyon1057, 1122, 0022

Here is the map to help you visualize all the stable locations in the game:

credit: Nintendo

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