Zedd x VALORANT Spectrum Skin bundle: Gameplay, Finisher, Melee, Release Date, Price, and More

After a lot of teasers months ago about a collaboration between VALORANT and Zedd, we finally get a first look at the actual bundle.

There have been talks as well as teasers by Zedd back in June during Valorant’s Year One Anthem trailer and there has been a melee skin teased during that time. Finally, today we got the first look at the skin and it is actually an entire bundle that is getting released. It is called the Spectrum Bundle and will contain 4 weapons and a melee.

Zedd is a popular DJ who has a knack for the game. Reportedly he plays VALORANT a lot and also reached the rank of Immortal in the game.

Mike from ValorLeaks who is a reputable leaker of the Valorant community has leaked the first looks of the collaboration skin bundle ahead of time.

The Spectrum Bundle comes with skins for the Classic, Phantom, Guardian, Bulldog, and a Melee. This bundle has a Futuristic white-neon outlook and also has Zedd’s logo.

Valorant has also released a Keynote-style release for the Spectrum Bundle in association with Zedd.

“A collection of Weaponised color and sound that elevates the way you experience the game taking you from a player to a performer” – Zedd.

Valorant Spectrum Bundle Weapon Showcase and Color Variations

It has been confirmed that the skins along with the melee will have a total of 4 color variants. The stock variant will be a white theme with red accents. The other variants are purple, red, and black. These skins also appear to have upgradeable vfx in different colors on the skins.

From the images, it also seems like the skins might have a way to have different accent colors/ special effects.

Valorant Spectrum Melee:

This melee was the main skin that was used in the teaser pictures. It looks like a futuristic energy sword that equips similar to swords in the game. It has all the color variations like the weapons and might also have different colored special effects as well.

One unique aspect about the melee is when it is inspected, it starts playing Zedd’s music.

Spectrum Skin levels/upgrades

Along with the vfx upgrades that we have noticed in the above images, here we see what the other upgrades look like. The kill banner for the Spectrum Skins appears in Zedd’s logo and the finisher starts playing music with some very cool effects.

Spectrum Bundle Prices (TBA)

The individual skins cost 2675 VP each which is even higher than the Elderflame skins making Spectrum the most expensive bundle released to date. Full bundle price: $99 or 10,700 VP

Spectrum Skin Bundle Release Date:

The Spectrum bundle is set to roll out with the Act 2 update on 10th September.

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