Yasuo mains have the highest AFK rate in League of Legends so far in Season 10

So far in Season 10, Yasuo mains top the chart with the highest AFK rate in League of Legends.

League of Legends players are familiarized with a bunch of game-ruining behaviors and AFK is one of the worst of them all. According to dev post data, AFK is also the second most frustrating game running behavior.

As League of Legends heavily relays on teamwork and co-ordination, having an AFK on the team is the last thing players want, especially on the ranked games. No matter how many times players have complained about AFKers to Riot Games, it remained as one of the major issues even in Season 10.

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But not everyone AFK as they please, according to League of Graphs‘ data, Yasuo mains tend to AFK more than any other mains in League of Legends.

So far in season 10, Yasuo mains have a whopping 1.51% AFK rate, the highest in the game. It might not be a surprise to many as in the League communities he is known as a champion who intentionally feeds and AFK a lot. Although in Season 9, Yasuo mains were in second place in terms of AFK rate.

Top 5 AFK rate by their mains are:

  1. Yasuo – 1.51%
  2. Master Yi – 1.39%
  3. Xin Zhao – 1.29%
  4. Akali – 1.29%
  5. Sett – 1.28%

However, based on stats, support mains have the least AFK rate in League of Legends. Nami mains have the lowest AFK rate in the game which is just 0.68%. In the top 5 lowest AFK rates, four of them are support champions as well, including Zilean with 0.69%, Lulu with 0.70%, and Bard with 0.72%.

In Iron Elo players tend to AFK the most while Diamond players tend to AFK the least.

No matter who goes AFK, it is still one of the worst game-ruining behaviors. Riot is already working to improve their system in order to detect the AFKers better. And, in the meantime, they are already launching champ select muting from patch 10.13.

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