Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Stats Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a JRPG. So you need to know about the stats and what they do in the game. Here we will break down all the stats in the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the newest JRPG in the series. Even though it is the 3rd game in the series, you don’t need to play any other ones to jump into the game. So this is a good place to get into the Xenoblade Series if you haven’t yet.

Xenoblade Chronicles being a JRPG deals with a lot of stats and attributes. Many of the game’s items directly increase the character’s different stat. So if you want to make a broken character to deal massive damage, you need to know what stat you should upgrade with the equipment.

Learning about stats can be a difficult task. But worry not; we have accumulated a stat guide for you. Here you can learn what each stat does in the game. That way, you can build each character class and overcome the game’s difficult challenges.

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Every Stat in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

There is a total of 9 main stats in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Each of them serves a different purpose. Not all stats are good for all classes. So you need to choose which stat to increase for a certain class based on the playstyle and what the class is good at. That being said, let us go through each stat one by one to find out what each does:


HP is the short form of Hit Point. It is the total health a character has. Once the HP reaches zero, your character will get knocked out of the battle and has to be revived by another character to join back in the fight.


Attack stat decides how much damage your character will do when using Combat Arts or even auto attacks. Increasing Attack will increase the amount of damage the character will do. So it is a good stat for the main attackers of the team whose purpose is to deal as much damage as possible.

Critical Rate

Critical Rate decides how often you will land a critical hit on the enemies. It is paired with the critical stat damage. Critical damage decides how much more damage a critical hit will do compared to the normal damage. Critical Rate is a very good stat for attackers.

Healing Power

Healing Power indicates the potency of the healing arts. Having a higher Healing Power means the character will heal more when a healing art is cast. So it is an important stat for the healers of the team.


Dexterity contributes to the damage indirectly. When a character attacks in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, they have a chance to miss. Dexterity lowers the chance of misses. Landing an attack will deal a lot more damage than missing. So it is a good ability for anyone who wants to do damage.


Agility is the opposite of Dexterity in the game. It decides the chance of dodging an incoming attack. Higher agility means the character will dodge more frequently and take less damage. So it is a good stat for any tank character since they will be in the frontline of the battle, taking the most damage.

Block Rate

Block Rate determines the chance of blocking a physical attack. Blocking is different from dodging in the game. Blocking nullifies the incoming damage completely, while dodging only partially nullifies damage. Thus this is a great stat for tanks.

Physical Defense

Physical Defense decides how much damage reduction you will get upon getting hit by a physical attack. Having a higher physical defense means you will take less damage from physical attacks. So it is a good stat to have on your attack.

Ether Defense

Ether Defense decides how much damage reduction you will get upon getting hit by an Ether attack. It works the same way physical defense work but for ether attacks. You can consider this stat on your tank if you are fighting enemies that use more ether attacks than physical ones.

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