Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Ouroboros Mode Guide

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Ouroboros Mode in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

In this guide, learn all you need to know about the discount Fusion mode of Dragon Ball, the Ouroboros Mode, from Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Hop in!

“Fusion, haah!” And then we got Vegeto, Gogeto, Goten, and what not. Dragon Ball was great and the later versions were good as well. Now to talk about this Fusion-thingy, what is it really? This mode activates when two characters align by divine power, just like we saw in Dragon Ball Z. And what happens later?

The fusion of two characters increases their overall strength by many folds. Skill, abilities, everything tunes up to the notch. The same thing we can now experience in the recent popular JRPG, Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Their fusion is known as Ouroboros mode.

We already talked about everything we need to know about our main characters and recruitable heroes. We got to know their skillsets. However, in Ouroboros mode, we will get completely different skill sets, and boy will you dominate those monsters.

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All Ouroboros Partners in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Say, you are on the battlefield. You are thinking of combining two of the greatest mindset in one body. What do you do? You say, it’s Ouroboros’in time! No kidding. What you need to do is an interlink between two main characters and fuse to get in the Ouroboros mode.

Now, there are a total of 6 main characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. All of them are capable of interlinking to get into Ouroboros mode. Moreover, each of the pairs can form two different Ouroboros modes. It totally depends on who you give the steering wheel to. In a general sense, 3 pairs of Ouroboros partners can be seen in Xenoblade Chronicles 3:

  • Noah and Mio
  • Eunie and Taion
  • Lanz and Sena

Let’s get into more deabouts into these Ouroboros forms of them regarding who gets to control the fused mad titan.

Different Ouroboros Forms in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

When you form Ouroboros mode, you guys will turn into this giant robot as we saw in those in Power Rangers. Well, to be more specific, the ones in the Pacific Rim suit better. How about the ones in the Neon Genesis Evangelion? Did you see that?

Never mind, let’s get back to where we were. As I have mentioned before, there are a total of 3 main character pairs that can form Ouroboros, each having 2 different forms. On that basis, let’s discuss what happens when you change the pilot. Below are the different forms you will see depending on the pilot:

Noah and Mio

noah ouroboros xenoblade chronicles 3

These two pairs up to fuse into an Ouroboros, driven by Noah after the interlink. Their arts:

  • Bounding End: Annul Guard
  • Dragon Tail: Attack down
  • Limits Unbound: This is a Chain Art. With this activated, you can increase your damage ratio.
  • Mega Spinning Edge: This one falls under Talent Arts. Moreover, it is a Piercing art.
  • Phantom Slash: Interlink level 3: Break All
  • Rolling Smash: Interlink level 3: Smash All
  • Unison Strike: High Critical Rate

Mio and Noah

mio ouroboros xenoblade chronicles 3

On the other hand, you get to see another form of Ouroboros if you let Mio take the wheel. Arts of this form:

  • Deadly Twister: Evade
  • Death of 1,000 Cuts: This is a Chain Art
  • Jaguar Slash: Bleed
  • Resonant Edge: A Talent Art that can be used to evade party or knockout the wounded.
  • Shining Halo: Interlink level 3: Daze All

Eunie and Taion

eunie ouroboros xenoblade chronicles 3

With these two, we get a fusion where Eunie takes the lead. Their arts:

  • Ether Collider: Interlink level 3: Daze All
  • Lightning Arrow: Unblockable/Knockback
  • Raptor Raid: AOE/Acc. Down/Evade
  • Sacred Cannon: AoE/Mobius Up/Unblockable
  • Typhoon Field: AoE/Area heal upon impact

Taion and Eunie

In this fusion, Taion comes forward to take in-charge. Their arts:

  • Fleeting Form: Can regenerate all
  • Grand Design: Using this Chain Art, the damage ratio can be increased by several folds. Moreover, all allies can be healed at once.

Lanz and Sena

Lanz takes the wheel in this fusion. Their arts:

  • Burning Rain: AoE/High aggro
  • Ray of Punishment: AoE/High aggro
  • Sudden Impact: Interlink level 3: Topple All
  • Winning Rush: This Talent Art can be used to create Pierce/Launch Combo

Sena and Lanz

sena ouroboros xenoblade chronicles 3

Sena says, it’s fusion time! Their arts:

  • Dino Upper: Blowdown
  • Earth Crusher: Interlink level 3: Launch All
  • Hammer Revolution: This Talent Art can be used to create AoE/Pierce/Blowdown Combo
  • Mortal Bullet: knockback/Annul reaction

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