Xenoblade Chronicles 3: List of All Arts and Effects

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has a lot of mechanics to play around with. One of these mechanics is the Arts and effects. Here we will go through what arts are, the different types, and a list of all the arts.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the latest JRPG in the franchise and a good one. Since it is a JRPG, the game to has a similar system to other JRPGs. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own spin on things. There are quite a few new and unique mechanics you will face as you progress through the game.

One of the battle mechanics in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the art system. It increases the depth of combat and gives a stronger attack option to use on enemies. And on top of that, you can find several types of art in the game.

So, here we will discuss everything you need to know about the art system. From what is an art to its classification of it, and finally, we will list all the arts you can find in the game.

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All the Arts and Effects in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Arts are strong attacks that do more damage than normal attacks. These arts can also be used for buffing or healing other people at your party. So it is a powerful ability to have and can change the tide of the battle if used properly.

Arts are mainly divided into five categories. And there is also an extra category called chained art, which can only be used if certain requirements are met. All the six categories of the arts are:

  • Talent Arts: Talent arts are class-based art that can be unleashed after the art meter is full. It is a stronger attack that deals tonnes of damage to the enemies.
  • Combat Arts: Combat arts are those that are used to deal damage or buff attacks. These are like typical abilities in a game.
  • Master Arts: These arts are unlocked after maxing out a class. But the arts itself is not class-locked. So you can use these arts in any class after unlocking.
  • Fusion Arts: Fusion arts are created when two arts are combined. They stack with each other to make an even stronger attack.
  • Ouroboros Arts: Ouroboros arts can be used when characters are in the Ouroboros form. These arts also function like the talent arts in Ouroboros form.
  • Chain Arts: During attacks, if the party TP reaches 100% or more, an art can be unleashed. This is chain art.

List of All Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Here is the list of all the Talent Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3:

Talent ArtRoleClass
Final CountdownAttacker
Unlimited SwordAttacker
Overclock BusterAttackerSwordfighter
Infinity BladeAttackerSwordfighter
Saber StrikeAttackerFlash Fencer
Refreshing RainAttackerStalker
Violent StreakAttackerFull Metal Jaguar
Pressure DropAttackerOgre
Gemini StrikeDefenderZephyr
Mad TauntDefenderHeavy Guard
Deflector FieldDefenderGuardian Commander
Blossom DanceDefenderLone Exile
Healing RingHealerMedic Gunner
Tidal WaveHealerTactician
Technical HealHealerWar Medic
Demise ThrustHealerThaumaturge

Here is a list of all Combat Arts in the game:

Combat ArtClass
Air FangZephyr
Speed DemonZephyr
Wide SlashZephyr
Butterfly BladeZephyr
Glow RingZephyr
Giant SwingOgre
Big ImpactOgre
Maximum VoltageOgre
Bull RushHeavy Guard
Crash OutHeavy Guard
Variable TurretHeavy Guard
Uppercut SlashHeavy Guard
Solid StanceHeavy Guard
Edge ThrustSwordfighter
Sword StrikeSwordfighter
Ground BeatSwordfighter
Shadow EyeSwordfighter
Air SlashSwordfighter
Group HealMedic Gunner
Ether CannonMedic Gunner
Power RingMedic Gunner
Myopic ScreenMedic Gunner
VortexMedic Gunner
Stormy SkiesTactician
Hazy FigureTactician
Dark BannerTactician
Avenging EagleTactician

Here is a list of all the Chain Arts you can do with specific characters:

Chain ArtCharacterEffect
Brave AssultNoahAttacks during art have a 70% chance of bypassing defense.
Tyrant WaveLanzDefender aggro increased by 35% & grants Attack Up to everyone.
Lightning QuickMioAttacker and Healer aggro reduced by 90%
Pinion PrimedEunieDuring art, ether defense reduced by 45%
Bombshell BlitzSenaDuring art, Attacks have a 90% chance of becoming unblockable.
Art of SubjugationTaionDuring art, the enemy’s physical defense reduced by 45%
Whistling BladesAlexandriaDuring art, Critical Rate increased by 25%
Deflector FormZeonDefender aggro increased by 35% & grants Armor Veil to everyone.
Bullet HailValdiHeals everyone 40% of the HP & gives regeneration.
Saber SiegeAsheraIncreases damage and grants power charge to everyone.
Noogie StormRiku & MananaIncreases everyone’s TP by 8.

Here is a list of all the Ouroboros Talent Arts in the game:

Ouroboros Talent Art Characters
Origin BladeMio & Noah
Sacred CannonTaion & Eunie
Mega Spinning EdgeMio & Noah
Resonant EdgeMio & Noah
Hammer RevolutionLanz & Sena
Eightfold DivideTaion & Eunie
Winning RushLanz & Sena

Here is a list of all the Ouroboros Chain Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3:

Ouroboros Chain ArtsCharactersEffect
Death of 1,000 CutsMio & NoahGreatly increases the damage ratio. Reduces attacker and healer aggro.
Limits UnboundMio & NoahGreatly increases the damage ratio. Damage bypasses defense.
Big Bang ImplosionLanz & SenaGreatly increases the damage ratio. Damage bypasses defense.
Demon PunisherLanz & SenaGreatly increases the damage ratio. Reduces attacker and healer aggro.
Grand DesignTaion & EunieGreatly increases the damage ratio. Fully heals everyone.
Brilliant AscensionTaion & EunieGreatly increases the damage ratio. Fully heals everyone.

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