Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Field Skills Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has some skills for traversing the environment. These are called the Filed Skills. Here are all the field skills you can find in the game and how to use them.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the newest game in the Xenoblade series. This game takes place in the same world and has some references and callbacks to the older games. But other than that, it is a self-contained story that anyone can jump in and enjoy. So it is a great place to start going into the franchise if you are a new player.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 features a party of heroes and tells the story with them. The combat also revolves around the party. While in combat, you can command other party members to do specific things or cast certain skills. But it is not a multiplayer game. You can only play it in a single player, but it is fun.

Among the many features of this game, the traversal one is called a field skill. Field Skills are different skills you need to use to overcome obstacles in the open environment. These are quite valuable since you cannot go to certain areas without them. So, here we have listed all the field skills, where to get and how to use them.

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Field Skills in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Field Skills are useful skills used for traversing the environment. There are a few field skills in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. But not all the field skills are required or related to the main story quest. So you may miss one or two field skills if you don’t explore around.

But do not worry, here we will detail everything you need to know about field skills, from how to get the skills to how to use them and where to get them.

How to Use Field Skills in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Field skills cannot be cast or used wherever you want. However, there are certain spots on the map that requires the use of field skill. When you approach these areas, a skill icon will show up on the area. Interacting with the icon will make a new menu pop up. From there, you can choose to use the field skill.

If you use the field skill but fail, you don’t have the right blade equipped. Go to the blade changing menu and equip the right blade. Now try to perform the same skill, and you should be able to cast it successfully.

Where to Get All the Field Skills?

There are two ways to get field skills. Some characters have field skills set to them. So when they join the party, you can use their skill. And the other way is by doing certain quests.

Among the four quest obtainable skills, two of the skills are required for the story. So you get the two just by completing the story. These two skills are:

  • Wall Climbing: Unlocks in Chapter 3
  • Rope Sliding: Unlocks in Chapter 4

These two skills are pretty self-explanatory. Wall Climbing lets you climb certain walls using the field skill. And Rope Sliding lets you walk on ropes.

Other than these, there are still two more skills you can get in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. These skills are not related to the main story. So you can miss them if you don’t do the quest related to these skills. These two field skills are:

  • Scree Walking: Obtained by completing the quest Going Beyond Power.
  • Hazard Neutralization: Obtained by completing the quest Hero Quest of Segiri.

Scree Walking is a very good field skill that lets you walk on the quicksand upwards without being swept away. Unfortunately, this field skill can be missed if you don’t finish the related quest. So getting the skill as soon as possible is a good idea.

As for Hazard Neutralization, it negates the damage while walking over a hazardous surface. This is another great field skill that comes in handy a lot. But that is all the way you can get field skills from doing quests.

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