Worlds 2022 Finals T1 vs. DRX: What To Expect?

The Worlds 2022 Finals kicks off on Saturday in San Francisco as T1 and DRX face off.

Worlds 2022 has been a great tournament thus far. We have seen the Legend, Faker, rise once more and the surprise of the DRX run. There have also been massive collapses from other teams like Gen.G and JDG. Regardless, we are in for an interesting Worlds 2022 Finals.

T1 has been the favorite for their games throughout the tournament, and they have found their stride coming into the tournament. The team is playing well and are the clear favorites for winning the Finals. They took down JDG and RNG, two LPL heavyweights, and are now poised to add another trophy to their cabinet.

On the other hand, DRX has practically come out of nowhere. From almost not making Worlds 2022, fighting their way through the Regionals and Play-ins to the Finals. It is a Cinderella run DRX is on, and they have been doubted at every step of the tournament. With a lot to prove and Deft reaching the Worlds Finals in his swan song, winning the trophy might be the best send-off any player can wish for.

Let’s discuss what to expect from the Finals on Saturday as we countdown to a battle for the all-new trophy.

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What To Expect From The Series Between T1 and DRX

There are a lot of talking points about this series. There is the narrative of T1 making the finals with the young guys alongside the best League of Legends history players in Faker. There is also the legacy of Deft as he made his first Finals in his potential last year as a professional player. Thus, let’s start with the key points of this series.

The Draft Battle

T1 vs DRX will start at the draft. Both teams have shown some level of versatility and proactiveness as a team. For T1, it’s about drafting a team comp to take control of the game and win that way. DRX does it a little differently as they want to put their players in the right position to take the fight to the opponents and out-execute them.

T1 is extremely versatile with picks, as they can play many different champions. DRX is versatile in the bot lane, but their jungle pool could be in danger as T1 will likely ban Kindred. So DRX Pyosik will have to find a way to be effective with other picks.

That said, whoever gets the advantage in drafts will have a huge leg up in these games. DRX is a team capable of coming back in games, while T1 loves being in control and not giving it over. It will be a great contest of styles in the draft as their styles determine how they draft.

The Lane Battle

Top Lane

T1 and DRX will be trying to push advantages in their lanes. T1 will primarily be focusing top lane, as Zeus has been their best player. So expect T1 to make a lot of plays toward the top side.

DRX likes placing Kingen on the weak side, as Kingen has proven to be a great player this tournament. The matchup will be important as T1 likes placing Zeus on carries, so Kingen will need to be able to match him.


Jungle might determine the entire game as Oner and Pyosik will determine how these lanes go, particularly the top lane. Pyosik has tried to gank early in many champs, so he has to make his presence felt early.

Oner is not the best early-game impact jungler, but he does really well in maintaining the pace of the game and tempo of T1. If Pyosik can have an early impact, DRX has a good chance of winning. If not, T1 could very well run away with the game.

Mid Lane

Faker and Zeka like roaming a fair bit, so look for both the mid-laners to move around the map. Faker has the advantage in versatility and has played extremely well in Semifinals. However, Zeka is making a name for himself, and he is on a mission to prove and claim his place as one of the best mid-laners in the world.

If Zeka pops off, DRX’s chances to win skyrocket, while if Faker starts making an impact on the map early, T1 gets a huge boost.

Bot Lane

Lastly, the bot lane, T1’s bot lane in Gumayusi and Keria, has been in form the entire tournament. They have dominated the bot lanes for most of their tournament. Now they are up against a neutralizing bot lane, as Deft and Beryl have neutralized every bot lane they have played. Particularly with how versatile both players are, T1’s bot lane will have their hands full. This will be a fun lane to watch.

Clash of Styles

While T1 loves to control the game and keep things under wraps, DRX wants to scrap and want to wrestle control away from the opponents and outplay their opponents. With such contrasting styles, a fight is bound to happen. DRX has shown the capability of coming back in any game, while T1 has shown that they will not lose control of games. This will be the clash of styles we want in the Finals.

Thus, expect a long series. DRX is the one team that will not give up, as they have won in a reverse sweep in the tournament already and have constantly come back from leads to win the games. While T1 is rightfully the favorite, they will have their hands full with handling DRX’s skirmishing and their resilient attitude.

In Conclusion

We are in for a blast of a series and a long one as DRX scraps in every game and will not give up. T1 will start early but expect DRX to improve as the series continues. We are in for a great clash of identities, and a great Worlds 2022 Finals is upon us.

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