Worlds 2021 Semifinals: DAMWON KIA vs T1 Preview

This article will preview the rematch of the LCK Summer Finals between DAMWON KIA and T1.

Worlds 2021 Semifinals is around the corner as DK and T1 face off against each other on Saturday for the first semifinals. They faced off each other in the LCK Summer Finals where DK dominated the series despite the 3-1 scoreline. With both teams getting stronger at Worlds, we are going to see an entertaining series. Let’s talk about the teams and the matchup and predict who has the edge in the first semifinals of Worlds 2021.

Semifinals 1: DAMWON KIA vs T1

Of the five series between both the teams including the LCK Summer Finals, DK has won 4 of them. While T1 did win one series, it was during the time when DK was struggling a lot in the regular season. Ever since the LCK Finals, DK has not lost games, and they look unstoppable.

T1 has played very well thus far. They have had a great Worlds run and have looked solid as a team. The team has stepped up compared to the LCK Summer Split, and they are playing as a team in the tournament thus far. Their style of play has been like the T1 of old, a very controlled play style which holds onto leads and wins games with better macro.

The problem this team will face is when they are behind or when they are being challenged in their macro. This is something T1 has to be wary of, especially playing against a juggernaut like DAMWON KIA.

On the other hand, DK has looked spectacular. They stomped their group and did away with the MAD Lions in the quarterfinals. This team has looked much better than their LCK Summer Split selves as well, and they are in a groove to win it all. Khan is playing like the best top laner and can even be the best player in the tournament. Our vote would certainly go that route.

Like T1, they play a very controlled style as well but their teamfighting is still amongst the best in the world. This is what makes DK so terrifying is that their style accounts for multiple facets of the game. Their weakness Ghost and Beryl has played really well and DK is poised to repeat as Worlds Champions with their performances thus far.

The Matchup

While both teams do play a similar style, DK does it much better. Not only do they have a better top side of the map to pull that off, they also tap into it better. Key things to watch in this series will be the Rift herald fights, top lane and bot lane. Rift heralds fights have been something LCK teams always fight for and these teams are no different. Although, T1 puts a higher priority on that, DK is not shy to fight for it.

Top lane, it’s going to be an uphill battle for T1. Khan has been dominant thus far and DK likes to put some focus up there. While MAD was able to focus Khan a few times in the top lane, it does not diminish the impact he has for the rest of the game. DK plays around top and mid lane well and T1 will have to step up to match DK to throw them off their style.

On the other hand, DK’s bot lane is left on a weaker side and this is where T1 can exploit DK. T1 has to attack bot lane and get a significant lead to make the game easier for them to win. Gumayusi and Keria are very much up to the task and this is the best win condition for T1.


For us, it will be a 3-1 DAMWON KIA win. While T1 has looked great, DK has looked even better. This is a well-oiled team that is set to make the Finals currently and DK has all the tool in their arsenal. It’s a matter of execution and T1 will have to step up a lot to make the upset happen. Other than that, this should be a controlled win for DK like it was in the LCK Summer Finals.

In Conclusion

Concluding the article, this is the best two teams from the LCK, and they face each other in the semifinals. With a potential LCK vs LPL matchup in the Finals, both teams will want to get there. DK is the favorites in this series and are expected to win. T1 will have to level up and play the best they have to cause an upset. Regardless, we are in for a good series.

DAMWON KIA vs T1 is set to be held on Saturday at 12 pm GMT.

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