Worlds 2021 Quarterfinals: DAMWON KIA vs MAD Lions

Worlds 2021 continues with DAMWON KIA and MAD Lions facing off in the 3rd quarterfinals.

The tournament has been great thus far with two quarterfinals already in the wraps. Tomorrow, the last hope of EU faces off against the giants from the LCK. With DK being heavily favored tomorrow, MAD could surprise us. Let’s talk about the series and predict which team will come out victorious.

Quarterfinals 3: DAMWON KIA vs MAD Lions

DK has had a great run in the tournament while MAD has struggled in their group. Best of ones were really not MAD’s forte, but they were still expected to be better. Having said that, let’s talk about the teams briefly.


DK has been the best team thus far in the tournament. They have looked clean as a team while improving compared to their Summer Split selves. Khan is playing out of his mind right now to achieve his first Worlds trophy before retiring. Meanwhile, ShowMaker and Canyon are still the best mid-jungle duo in the world.

Their style has been consistent throughout the year with a lot of focus going on top lane. Khan gets big advantages out of it and that generally is enough for DK to start choking out the opponent team from any sort of resources. While Ghost and Beryl have improved, they are still the weakest links of DK in lane. For any opponent team, that still has to be the place where they attack. Beryl has been an excellent roamer though as DK can do fine even with that situation.

This is a tough team to beat for the tournament as they are the rightful favorites to win the whole thing once again.

MAD Lions

It has been sort of the underdog story for MAD for the entire year. No one really expected them to win either Summer or Spring split. Also, no one expected them to push DK to 5 games as well at MSI. It has been that kind of year for the MAD Lions. Sadly, they face DK again and a DK squad that has improved a lot compared to MSI.

MAD’s Worlds performance thus far has not been very good. Granted, they struggle in best of one games but this was still fairly underwhelming. With them being known as a team that plays better in a series, they have to perform better by a lot to possibly push DK to the brink. It’s an uphill battle for them.

All of their players have had mishaps in this tournament, and they need to show that they aren’t going to go out quietly. Maybe the underdog mentality will help them as it did in the LEC. We hope that we see a better version of MAD Lions and a good series tomorrow.

DK vs MAD Predictions And Analysis

This series does not look close if you judge based on Groups Stage performances. However, MAD is known to step up in best of 5 series. However, it is hard to DK not winning this series in a 3-1 fashion. MAD simply has not shown yet that they can be as great as they have been in the LEC thus far.

For MAD to win, they have to win through bot lane. Throughout the tournament, they have focused quite a bit on top side but this time, it has to be bot lane to win. There is no other way around it. For DK, it is much easier as they have to just play their own game and win out being the superior team. Things are not going to be easy for the European squad.

In Conclusion

DK vs MAD should be a fairly straightforward affair for DK if all goes well. However, MAD is known to throw wrenches into the works so MAD surprising people could also be there. We will have to wait and see tomorrow’s series when it kicks off.

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