Worlds 2020 Finals: DAMWON Gaming vs Suning Preview

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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DAMWON Gaming and Suning meet in the finals after having resounding victories in the semifinals to hoist the trophy for the first time in team history.

The finals are upon us. DAMWON faced their demons and dominated G2 in the semifinals while the underdog Suning beat down another Worlds favorite in TOP Esports. There is a lot to unpack about the finals and how the journey to the finals has been for both teams. Let’s start with how they made it to the finals.

Road to the Finals

DAMWON Gaming came in as one of the three favorites to win it all. They have looked the cleanest out of all team and they have been great in the tournament overall. However, their losses came in games where they were unsettled by strange moves and when they were thrown off their plan. They do close out all the games with a significant lead and do not throw away games.

However, from a viewer’s point of view, it does not feel like DWG was pressured enough in these matchups and they completely smashed their opponents with their clean playstyle. It will be interesting to see them in a high-pressure situation where things are not going their way.

Suning on the other hand were underdogs throughout the tournament. They were lauded as a young team with a lot of first-time appearances at Worlds with an experienced SwordArt as support. With low expectations, they did indeed shock the world. They beat down G2 in 2 out of the 3 games and some would argue they should have won the first match up against G2 if not for that backdoor play by G2.

Then they were up against it in the knockout stages where they faced JDG in the quarterfinals and TOP in the semifinals. Two high level performing teams from the LPL, but that did not faze Suning. Led by their jungler SOFM and ADC Huanfeng, they dominated against JDG and beat down TOP Esports. Both spectacular victories and unlikely ones at that. It went so far as to Suning’s Vice President saying that he would give away free iPhone 12s. This was a miracle run for Suning so far and whether they cap it off with the Finals is to be seen tomorrow.

The Finals

This matchup looks more and more like a David vs Goliath scenario. One unlikely team vs a team destined to be the best in Korea in the Finals. The bigger question is, who gets on top. It’s really hard to say because DAMWON have looked great in their games with precision and clean games.

It would appear initially that the stacks are against Suning but that would be further from the truth. Suning have overcome odds at every stage of this Worlds by winning group stages, beat JDG in the quarters, and finally beating TES in the semis. This is one team no one should count out, especially DWG. DWG should not underestimate their opponents, Suning has massively stepped up to the stage and dominated in their own way in these games.

Both teams play for their junglers and it is definitely a Canyon vs SOFM series. We know the household names of ShowMaker and Nuguri but Angel and Bin are no slouches so far based on performances. Also, there is an argument to be made than Bin has been the best top laner at Worlds so far. His aggressiveness and carry potential in the top lane has unlocked something Suning did not have in the regional splits. Everyone in Suning has played above expectations so far. Ghost has also been a revelation for DWG, he has been significant in these games they have won.

Games might go either way based on who has the lead because DWG close out games with leads. Suning are also very good at playing around leads but they are also a very scrappy team. It’s going to be a fun final.

Win Conditions for DAMWON Gaming

  • Canyon must have a lead in the jungle: Whenever Canyon has a lead, DWG flourishes. One thing that we fail to understand still is why Graves isn’t banned out against Canyon. DRX and G2 neither did it and he keeps picking it and winning on it. In any case, Canyon should be DWG’s focus to carry to a series win and a trophy.
  • Nuguri must not be behind: This one would have not been a point here but Bin has been playing out of his mind. If Bin gets any semblance of the lead, Nuguri will struggle for that entire game. Nuguri must have a lead in the top lane or be even with Bin or else it will spell trouble for DWG.
  • Trust in that bot lane: Ghost and Beryl have played really well this Worlds. They have outplayed their opposing laners in the series so far. However, it will be a tall task against a rising star in Huanfeng and a very experienced and decorated support in SwordArt. Ghost has shown his ability to deal with damage and win fights and DWG should trust their bot lane to be a big part in team fights.

Win Conditions for Suning

  • Bin: Nothing much needs to be said about this. Bin has been stomping his laners so far and he will look to do the same against Nuguri. Look for a lot of junglers coming in the top lane to get a lead on either side. However, if Bin gets a lead, he can carry the game for Suning.
  • Teamfights: This team has shown continual success at winning key team fighting and making crucial snap decisions to win games. They are an LPL team and they are spontaneous when it comes to fighting. However, they do not just randomly fight and they do the setup for fights and take opportunities for good fights wherever they find it.
  • Be aggressive early game: Playing safe in the early hardly works out against DWG. As said before, DWG do not throw leads and they are very good at getting them. Being aggressive early can bode well for Suning if they stop DWG from getting a lead. SOFM also plays outside the box with his jungle picks, flashback to unkillable Jarvan IV in the semifinals.

Final Remarks

There is a lot that can play into this series. Whether top lane gets a lead for Suning or DAMWON can do their usual clean strategy. It is really hard to predict which way the series will go but there are going to be five games for sure. Suning is not a team that will give up after all they have come through in this Worlds. Whether Suning or DAMWON Gaming wins will be seen tomorrow and it is going to be a cracker of a series.

By Shadman Sabik Zaim Deputy Editor
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