How to Unlock World Tier 4 in Diablo 4

Akib Aditya Khan
By Akib Aditya Khan
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Learn how to unlock World Tier 4: Torment in Diablo 4 and experience the most challenging level of the game.

Diablo 4 offers players a chance to experience the game in different difficulty levels. Players can change their difficulty levels and play with those levels to increase the difficulty of the game. With higher levels, players will face higher-level enemies and more challenging dungeons to clear.

Before increasing the game’s difficulty, players must finish some specific tasks and unlock the levels. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock the highest difficulty level in Diablo 4, World Tier 4.

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How to Unlock World Tier 4

World Tier 4 Diablo 4
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In order to unlock World Tier 4, you will first need to unlock World Tier 3. Again, World Tier 3 can only be unlocked if you finish the whole storyline in World Tier 2. Once you complete the storyline in World Tier 2, you will get an epilogue quest called World Tier 3: Nightmare, which will require you to complete the Capstone Dungeon. Clearing this dungeon will unlock World Tier 3 for you.

Once you unlock World Tier 3 by clearing the Capstone Dungeon, you can now embark on your journey to unlock World Tier 4. To unlock World Tier 4, complete the Capstone Dungeon in World Tier 3. Note that the Capstone Dungeon will be much more brutal in World Tier 4. So take proper preparations before heading into the battle.

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