Will Lil Nas X Be at Worlds 2022?

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There is a good chance that Lil Nas X might be coming to Worlds 2022 this year.

League of Legends Worlds Championship is probably the most important event for League of Legends. It is an annual event where the best teams from around the World duke it out for the world champion title. This year a total of 24 teams will compete in Worlds 2022.

Apart from seeing their favorite teams compete, fans have another thing to be excited about, the World’s theme song. In recent years, World’s theme songs have become synonymous with the Worlds Championship.

Riot Games have been releasing new Worlds theme songs annually for the last few years. These songs have excellent production quality and include well-known artists. And the last few years’ songs were amazing, and fans loved them.

Riot Games has already released the orchestral version of the Worlds theme. With League of Legends Worlds 2022 on the horizon, fans are eager to see what Riot has in store for us.

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Possible Worlds Song by Lil Nas X?

According to some leaks, the famous singer Lil Nas X might perform this year’s World’s theme song. Montero Lamar Hill, also known as Lil Nas X, is a famous American rapper and singer. He started his career in 2018 and has won multiple awards.

He rose to prominence by releasing his country rap single “Old Town Road.” The rap single first achieved viral popularity on the social media app TikTok in early 2019 before climbing music charts internationally and becoming diamond certified by November that same year.

The well-known leaker, BigBadBear, has released a Youtube video stating Lil Nas X will most likely be performing the World’s song and on the World’s stage.

There have also been many hints pointing toward Lil Nas X performing in Worlds 2022; for example, he was recently seen in the Riot headquarters using CGI capture equipment.

At his concert, they gave out a booklet with “Why worship legends when you know that you can join them?” written on it. Lil Nas X also has a free schedule during Worlds 2022. He was also seen playing League of Legends.

All the leaks and speculation have pointed towards Lil Nas X performing in Worlds 2022.

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