Wild Rift Glorious Crown Xin Zhao Skin: How To Get. Splash Art & Release Date

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has revealed the upcoming ranked reward for Wild Rift, Glorious Crown Xin Zhao. Here’s how you can get this skin for free.

Patch 4.4 was the last major update of Wild Rift in 2023. Due to this, we have seen some massive some massive additions to the game.

Firstly, we got three new champions, a new game mode, and many new skins and items. Additionally, we also got two different ranked skins for this patch. Firstly, if you grind through your standard ranked ladder, then you will earn Glorious Basilisk Ashe. But this time, they put more effort into the legendary queue. Now, if you reach Guardian IV in the legendary ladder, then you will get Glorious Armada Olaf for free.

With that said Wild Rift patch 5.0 is not that far away. Similarly to the last update, we are getting three new champions, many new items, skins, and even a completely new and exclusive game mode called Double Cast.

Alongside all of these, the ranked season 12 will also start in the same patch. And for the ranked reward, Riot has revealed Glorious Crown Xin Zhao skin. Here’s how you can get this skin.

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Glorious Crown Xin Zhao

Splash Art

glorious crown xin zhao
Image Credits: Riot Games

How To Get Glorious Crown Xin Zhao

Players will be able to earn this skin after January 18, 2024. After that date and during ranked season 10, players can earn this skin for free once they reach level 8 on the ranked rewards ladder.

Additionally, if you missed this skin, don’t worry. You can buy this skin from the Ranked Store several seasons later.

Release Date

Riot will add the rewards for season 12 in patch 5.0, which is scheduled to be released on January 18, 2024.

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