Wild Rift Dark Star Malphite Skin: Splash Art & How To Get

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

You can earn the newest skin, Dark Star Malphite, completely for free. Here’s how you can get it.

Patch 4.1 has introduced many new changes and adjustments. For example, new champions, items, systems, and skins. Including a revamp to the mission system.

Besides events, players can earn different in-game content daily using the mission system. Players can complete these missions to earn Blue Motes, Wild Pass XP, Poro Coins, etc. However, there aren’t many things you could earn from daily missions.

There is one tedious way that players can earn skins for free. And that method is Poro Store Skin Chest. Players can earn Poro Coins for free by completing challenges from events, Wild Pass, etc. Then players can spend those Poro Coins in the Poro Stores. And for each Poro Coin spent, players can get Poro Energy. Once players earn enough Poro Energy, they will be given a chest containing one free champion skin.

This has been the only source for earning free skins in Wild Rift for years. But Riot, in their newest patch, changed how the mission works in the game. Instead of mission giving you Poro Coins, they give you Surprise Energy. And once you earn enough Surprise Energy, you can get a free chest called Surprise Chest that contains Blue Motes, XP, Poro Coins, and Self Selection Chest. But once you unbox enough Surprise Chests, you can earn the free skin Dark Star Malphite.

Dark Star is among the most popular skin lines in League of Legends. In this universe, corrupted celestial beings are hell-bent on destroying every system they see. And these corrupted celestial beings are called Dark Stars and Dark Cosmic. Some skins from here are Dark Cosmic Jhin, Dark Star Orianna, Cosmic Lux, etc.

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Dark Star Malphite

Splash Art

dark star malphite
Image Credits: Riot Games

How To Get

You can earn Dark Star Maphite by opening Surprise Chests 41 Times. And to get Surprise Chests for free, you must complete Daily Challenges, Milestones & Weekly Missions. Alongside this skin, you can also get Blue Motes, Poro Coins, Self-Selection Chests, and XP from the Surprise Chests.

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