Where to Sell Items in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth (LAD 8)

Arnan Bonny
By Arnan Bonny
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Here is everything you need to know about selling your extra items for cash in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth.

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth is a turn-based RPG published by Sega and is a direct successor to the Yakuza: Like A Dragon (2020). However, this game takes the whole storyline from the cramped and bustling streets of Japan to the sandy beaches of Hawaii.

In this game, the last game protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, reunites with the series’ favorite, Kazuma Kiryu, to find the former’s lost mother. A fair warning, though: Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth’s story is one of the longest in the series, but it does not disappoint.

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LAD 8 comes back with the turn-based combat that was first introduced in the last game of the series. But this time around, the combat and every aspect of the turn-based battle system is dialed up to eleven, and it feels fantastic.

You get to experience one-of-a-kind combat with dynamic, fast-paced RPG battles where the entire battle area becomes your weapon, and absolutely anything and everything goes! The in-depth strategies and the customization options allow you to find a style that suits your fighting needs!

Throughout your playtime, you will no doubt pick up numerous items as you meet and interact with the people of Hawaii. Fortunately, you can sell most of these off for a few bit of cash and, of course, prevent your inventory from looking like a dump. So, let’s get into how and where you can sell items in LAD 8.

Item Selling Shop Locations in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

The places where you can offload your extra items are called Treasure Select Pawns. You can find these establishments on Hula Ave., middle of Resort Blvd., and Makani Ave., in the Easy Waikiki.

There’s also one in the Anaconda Shopping Center. Both of these locations are accessible fairly early on, so you won’t have too much of a problem going to either and selling off your extra items. Follow the map image below to get a better idea of where you need to go to find a Treasure Select Pawnshop.

Treasure Select Pawn Shop Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

The two shops we’re talking about are marked in green in the above map image. Once you enter one of these shops, interact with the NPC at the counter, and you’ll be given the option to sell your items or equipment.

Treasure Select Pawn Shop Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

It’s worth knowing that there is another store called Julie’s Gearbox (Unlocked at the beginning of chapter 4) that buys equipment from you in exchange for Iron Fragments. So it might be better to hold on to your old weapons for this store rather than sell them off at a Treasure Select Pawn, as you need Iron Fragments to upgrade your equipment later.

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