When Will Season 13 Start in League of Legends?

When can we expect Season 13 to start? Well, let us find out.

A new year and a new season in League of Legends. Every year, League of Legends launches a new season while saying farewell to an older one. This year, we bid goodbye to Season 12 on November 14th and are now preparing to welcome Season 13.

However, before we can greet the new season, we must first embrace the preseason. Preseason is a time for Riot to push out huge changes, bug fixes, and updates. It is also a time for players to acclimatize themselves to the said changes, and this year is no exception.

That being said, preseason 2023 is almost over, and many people are asking when Season 13 will begin. We are here to answer the question.

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When does League of Legends Season 13 start?

The official starting date for League of Legends season 13 has not yet been announced, and however, based on previous seasons, season 13 will begin in early January 2023.

Although there was no official start date for Season 13, Riot Mort, the Lead Designer of Teamfight Tactics, indicated an unofficial date.

Riot Mort announced on Twitter that League of Legends season 13 would begin on January 11th, PST.

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