When Will Bastion and Torbjörn Return to Overwatch 2?

Blizzard made Bastion and Torbjörn unavailable due to some major issues regarding their kits. But, they will soon make a return to the game.

After a series of beta testing, Overwatch 2 finally launched as a full-fledged title. Overwatch fans and FPS enthusiasts have been waiting for this title for a long time. Additionally, Blizzard made it a free-to-play title. So, hundreds of thousands of players overflowed the servers within a short time.

No new game comes out in the perfect condition. Blizzard expected issues with its official launch. However, continuous server issues and DDoS attacks from third parties made the launch more troublesome than Blizzard anticipated.

Besides server-related issues, Overwatch 2 faced many bugs and glitches that made the game unplayable for a while. Similarly, two popular Heroes, Bastion and Torbjörn, had major bugs in their kits that made them broken and overpowered. So, Blizzard made them unavailable till they were fixed.

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When Will Bastion and Torbjörn Return?

Shortly after Overwatch 2’s official release, some clips and complaints surfaced regarding Bastion and Torbjörn’s abilities. A peculiar Bastion bug allowed him to fire endless artillery shells instead of three when its Ultimate was live.

On the other hand, players found a Torbjörn glitch that allowed them to use his Overload ability twice without any cooldown. Although it wasn’t as broken as Bastion’s artillery nightmare, it was still enough to make the game unplayable. So, Blizzard took both of them down.

It seems like Blizzard has found a fix for two of these popular characters, and it will be live very soon. In a recent announcement in Blizzard’s Overwatch forum, they confirmed Bastion and Torbjörn’s return on October 25, 2022.

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