Overwatch 2: Endorsement Explained – Rewards, Level, and More

Abu Bakar Karim
By Abu Bakar Karim
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The Endorsement system is back again, and here is all you need to know about it in Overwatch 2.

After a hectic development period, Blizzard finally finished polishing the sequel of Overwatch. And it came out as a banger. Needless to say, the reason. The free-to-play features, new heroes, maps, newer game modes, and whatnot. On top of that, some classic features were revived as well.

One of these classic features is the Endorsement policy of Overwatch 2. If you want to cut a long story short, it’s a good citizen appreciation feature. It was originally implemented in the papa Overwatch in a latter update. However, the idea is a bit re-modified in the sequel, but the basis is still the same. Let’s get into this.

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What is Endorsement in Overwatch 2?

In general, Endorsements are a social feature for the players that have a positive impact on the game overall. And as I have mentioned before, it’s more like a good citizenship award.

Needless to say, how toxic the game environment is getting every day. Especially the online ones are the ones suffering the most. With these issues to solve, Blizzard considered celebrating the players and trying their best to keep a sound and healthy environment. Their contributions make them real heroes. And they should get rewards.

Overwatch 2 Endorsement
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In papa Overwatch, players could endorse up to 3 players; 2 from their own team and one from anyone they fancy. These 3 have their own names; Shot caller for the strategist one, Good Teammate for the helpful mate, and Sportsmanship to anyone that can be fist-bumped while saying GG.

However, in Overwatch 2, the endorsement level has five ranks. Your endorsement level rises when others endorse you. On the contrary, with sufficient reports, your class drops faster than your CGPA. However, the endorsements level also drops when you don’t receive any endorsements for quite some time or even when you feel like leaving the battle arena earlier than Ronaldo leaves the pitch.

How does Endorsement System work?

As we have already discussed how the Endorsement system works in papa Overwatch, there are some significant additions in the sequel. The endorsements system in the sequel gives you extra benefits that were lacking in the prequel.

The more you get endorsed, the more Battlepass XP you receive. On top of that, there is no cap. This means it is random how much amount of XP you get. However, it would be best if you focused on increasing your endorsement level in Overwatch 2 to get more Battlepass XP. That will surely keep you in front of the others. Blizzard played their ace card here.

And since you will compete with your mates to increase the endorsements level, the rewards will be satisfactory every time. And yes, this endorsement system has built-in safeguards to prevent unwanted exploits, and take note, even the worst ones:

  • You may endorse up to 2 players after each game
  • You may only endorse the same player every 12 hours
  • Endorsing a player earns you Battle Pass experience
  • You cannot endorse someone from the enemy side

As receiving endorsements is a continuous process, your focus will be on your behavior. Moreover, endorse others as well in the meantime. And that is all about the endorsement system and the policy in Overwatch 2. Cheers!

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