What’s next for TSM VALORANT in 2022

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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After a year of absence from the stage, TSM rebuilt itself to challenge the best of North America, but they have fallen short again. 

TSM’s misfortune continues to haunt them in 2022 as their wait for a title lengthens. As a part of their commitment to regain NA’s top spot, TSM announced their new roster on January 21st. Prior to the Open Qualifier of NA Stage 1 Challengers, TSM’s roster reveal brought back hopes for the fans of the Org. 

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Recent results

However, things didn’t go well for TSM, as their loss to Akrew was devastating for the team morale. TSM also had to exit the tournament from the lower bracket with that loss. After showing such a promising change, TSM once again failed to meet its own expectations. Although, they managed to send a small but significant message by defeating Luminosity in the same tournament.  

The roster that dominated the NA VALORANT scene no longer seems to exist. Only Subroza & Wardell from the original 2020 roster is still on the team. Hazed, Drone & Cutler all departed from the roster in 2021. Currently, Rossy is leading the team with Leviathan & Corey. Speculations about the team’s overall balance still remain, as many believe that the roster was put together in a hurry.

Behind the curtain

TSM’s performance in the recent matches shows signs of a lack of team chemistry. Specifically, in the match against Knights, individual performance was generally low from TSM. It’s a given that a new roster is not supposed to crumble their opponents in their inaugural matches, but TSM has the potential to do better.

The next steps for TSM

Unless TSM wants to turn into a cautionary tale, then it’s necessary for them to prepare for the upcoming events. It’s highly unlikely that TSM will consider another roster change anytime soon. So, they have to make this roster work. Here, TSM can follow Team Liquid’s approach & make a long-term strategy with the roster. Hence, it’ll be easier for the team to gradually grow & perform consistently.

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Riot will continue with their VCT events just like the previous year. According to Riot’s calendar, two Masters, one LCQ & Champions will be held. So, TSM still has multiple chances to prove themselves again. However, the current iteration of the team is still in its infancy, so it might take quite some time to regain pace.


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