New 100T VALORANT Lineup 2022 Overview

The North American powerhouse 100T awaits a new beginning as they have announced their new roster for 2022.

100T has been struggling to keep up with the pace of other teams since masters 3 Berlin. Their loss against home team Envy was an unpleasant experience. Later, 100T also missed out on the opportunity to qualify for the Champions through the LCQ bracket. 

The unexpected departure of Nitro from 100T made the situation complex for the Org. as they were forced to find a replacement. However, prior to Nitro’s exit from 100T, former Team Liquid player ec1s was indicating a possible shift to 100T on Twitter for a short period of time. All the speculations about him joining 100T came true on January 18th.

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With the introduction of ec1s and BabyJ, questions about the solidity of 100T’s current lineup remain. Although they are yet to face any strong opponent, people on social media are already questioning the unusual addition of a European player to a North-American roster. Hiko, Asuna & Ethan have earned their place in 100T, but ec1s and BabyJ have a lot to prove in the coming days.

100T VALORANT Lineup for 2022

  • Spencer “Hiko” Martin
  • Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk
  • Ethan “Ethan” Arnold
  • Adam “ec1s” Eccles
  • Hunter “BabyJ” Schline

Player Profiles


The 31-year-old former IGL of 100T Valorant has been a founding member of the team. Since 2020 Hiko has been leading the roster. His prowess with Initaor agent Sova is undoubtedly praise-worthy. Even on the international stage, Hiko was able to perform under pressure. Except for a few matches, Hiko’s performance has been unquestionable since his inauguration.


Just like Hiko, Asuna has been with 100T since 2020 as well. Asuna quickly earned a huge reputation through his aggressive playstyles in VCT events. Even as a relatively less experienced player, Asuna’s performance against teams like Acend, Gambit, or Faze has been noteworthy. Additionally, his role on the team is pretty solid, so 100T won’t have to worry about finding a duelist anytime soon.


Ethan joined 100T to replace Diecy, the former Duelist of the roster. Ethan’s is basically the allrounder of the team since his primary agents are Skye & Sage. His agent choices are flexible, which is a crucial advantage for him and the team. The team chemistry between Hiko, Asuna & Ethan is solid & proven, so it’s quite easy to predict that 100T won’t let him leave anytime soon.


Although not the best fragger in the game, Adam’s experience with leading teams like Liquid & NIP is remarkable. His run with Team Liquid didn’t end up as expected & shortly after Liquid released him from the active roster. Later ec1s was picked up by NIP, but that didn’t go too well for him either. 100T might well be his final opportunity to prove himself on the international stage.


The ex-HALO professional & former Faze VALORANT player BabyJ is an interesting addition to 100T’s lineup. BabyJ’s ability to play Sentinel & Initiator agents is something that can be beneficial for the 100T roster. Most importantly, Ethan will be able to explore more agents while BabyJ acts as the primary Sentinel or Initiator of the team.

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100T’s name has been associated with the NA VALORANT scene since the early days of the game. Their achievement includes winning the First Strike back in 2020. In addition to that, 100T qualified for Masters 3 Berlin, a feat that only a few NA teams were able to achieve. As a matter of fact, 100T defeated both Acend & Gambit in the same tournament. This team certainly has a strong heritage & it’s now up to the new members to continue the legacy.

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