There will be no new agents in VALORANT until Episode 4 Act 3

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Riot Games has revealed what they have in store for players in the next Act in VALORANT, and it turns out there will be no new agents added to the game until Episode 4 Act 3.

Riot games made their first foray into the highly competitive tactical shooter market with VALORANT. Despite fierce competition from the likes of CS:GO, VALORANT managed to carve up a niche for themselves in this specific genre of game.

The official motto of VALORANT was to fix everything that was wrong with the tactical shooter market. Their main commitment to gamers was that VALORANT would have better servers and fewer cheaters than their contemporaries while having the best free-to-play model that is out there in the market right now.

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VALORANT new agents
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While they succeeded, for the most part, the game still suffers vastly due to the lack of quality of life features. Agent balance, general toxicity in-game, ranked inconsistencies, etc., are some of the pain points in the game right now.

Riot to focus on QoL update until Episode 4 Act 3

To focus on these critical issues, Riot Games has announced instead of adding more agents to the already diverse roster; they will be focusing their resources on making VALORANT better. As a result, Riot will not add any new agents until Episode 4 Act 3.

According to Anna Donlon, The Executive Producer of VALORANT, the team at Riot Games will focus on key factors like better-ranked experience, agent balance, less toxicity, and more. Also, she mentioned that the team is currently working on implementing in-game tournaments for the general player base.

Anna hopes these changes should make the overall experience in VALORANT better for both new and returning players. And the time off will also give the devs enough time to make meaningful changes.

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