What Is the Maximum Survivor Level in Evil Dead: The Game?

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Evil Dead: The Game lets players play as the survivors or the demons. Each time you play, you will gain experience points for that character. But there is a max level cap for survivors, and we will discuss it here.

Evil Dead: The Game is the latest survivor horror game based on the famous Evil Dead franchise. Here you can play as characters from the different installments of the Evil Dead franchise. Not only that, but you can play as demons too.

There is also a single-player mode that you can play and enjoy. While the single-player mode is not the game’s focus, you can still play through all the mini-missions. In addition, playing the single-player mission will also unlock some items for the game.

Whenever you play in multiplayer mode, you will gain some experience with the character you are playing. But there are also other ways you can gain levels for the characters. Here is how to level up your character and the max level for survivors.

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Maximum Level for Survivors in Evil Dead: The Game

In Evil Dead: The Game, the maximum level for survivors is level 25. While it may seem pretty low, you have quite a few characters. So leveling them all up will take some time. However, if you are playing to get a single character to the max level, you will easily reach it with some time.

The primary way to level up is to play with the character. Playing with the character will make them gain some exp automatically after each game.

Other than that, you will also earn some spirit points. The amount of spirit points you earn is decided based on your performance. For example, killing more enemies and assisting your teammate will yield more spirit points. You can then use these spirit points to level up any characters you like.

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