What are Conviction Points in Project Triangle Strategy

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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Conviction points in Project Triangle Strategy decide how your playthrough advances in numerous ways.

Project Triangle Strategy has many similarities to the legendary Tactics Ogre series, so much so it can be considered a spiritual successor. Like how the Tactics Ogre series had some sort of a morality meter that determined the game’s outcome. Project Triangle Strategy has a similar system, called Conviction Points.

Like the Tactics Ogre series, you make a couple of decisions starting the game that determine your base Conviction points, and your units are decided based on it.

You cannot track what Conviction points you have; it can be a bit tricky if you want something specific. Hence, this guide walks through the types of Conviction Points and how to earn them.

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Types of Conviction Points

Conviction points Triangle Strategy
credit: SquareEnix

There are three types of Conviction points in Project Triangle Strategy: Morality, Utility, and Liberty. Using these points, you can recruit certain characters for your party. Furthermore, these points lead you to one of four endings. Therefore if you want to see all of the endings in Project Triangle Strategy, you need to play through it, focusing on different Conviction points to collect.

While the game does not specify what decisions represent which Conviction, with a bit of thought, you can figure out which ones add to which points, this only adds to the experience of the game’s great storytelling.

Conviction of Morality

Morality points are derived from decisions that are either of good virtue or bad. Hence, if you want to gain morality points, perform actions that are more moral in nature, peaceful, of good heart, and all that.

Gaining Morality Points in Battle:

  • End turns without performing any action (not even movement)
  • Take care of your allies, using healing/buffing spells and items
  • Kill as few as possible. In fact, for the best effect, win battles without any kills
  • Take on battles where your party level matches with the recommended level

Gaining Morality Points outside of Battle:

  • Talk to as many people as you can outside of battle, everywhere you go
  • Participate in Hossabara’s mock battles at the Encampment
  • Choose options, decisions, and votes that focus on the moral aspects of the scenario
  • Upgrade equipment and classes of Morality based characters
  • Use for Kudos for trading items

Conviction of Liberty

Conviction Utility Triangle Strategy
credit: SquareEnix

Liberty points derive from gameplay and decisions that ooze bravery, valor, and dauntless leadership. Someone who sacrifices it all for freedom. Be a heroic leader throughout the game to gain more Conviction from Liberty.

Gaining Liberty points in Battle:

  • Steal and Loot from enemies
  • Protect and take care of your allies, i.e., Heal, revive, defend them
  • Win battles where the enemy level is much higher than your own. This can also be done by using units that are of a lower level or not marked ‘recommended.’

Gaining Liberty Points outside of Battle:

  • Interact with your surroundings as you travel around the map
  • Purchase many items from shops and use them as much as possible. Spend large sums by buying more expensive items, weapons, etc.
  • Focus on choices/ decisions and votes that focus on Liberty. Meaning is brave decisions, risky but heroic choices.
  • Upgrade equipment and classes of Liberty based units

Conviction of Utility

Conviction of Utility
credit: SquareEnix

Conviction of Utility is the opposite of the Morality path. Sometimes opposite of Liberty too. Unlike Morality, to gain Utility points, you have to make the most efficient and logical choices, no matter how good or bad it is.

Additionally, there will be times you have to sacrifice both morally right choices and liberty-centric choices, which may come out as you seeming to be a more bad person or less fearless. But sometimes, one has to make the wisest decision for victory. This is what Utility is all about.

Gaining Utility points in Battle:

  • Use Quietuses as often as you can
  • Takedown every enemy unit in battle, no matter the winning condition
  • Use debuffs and status effects like poison, etc. on your enemies
  • Always take in post-battle loots
  • Take part and win battles where your team level is higher than the recommended level. Use higher leveled units, units that are marked, ‘recommended’ and decimate foes quickly.

Gaining Utility points outside of Battle:

  • Sell items in the shop for money. The more money you acquire, the more it contributes to your Utility points
  • Gather as much information and items as you can around the world
  • Focus on choices/ decisions and votes that focus on Utility. Ones that are the most logical regardless of what has to be done. Let go of emotions
  • Upgrade equipment and classes of Utility-based units

These are the ways to collect each type of Conviction point in Project Triangle Strategy. If you want to see all 4 endings or add specific characters to your army, then go for collecting the right amounts of Conviction points among the three.

But we recommend going in blind for the first time and following your instincts playing the game. Pick what you think is the right choice, and let the game progress accordingly. Or else the uniqueness of your own story will be missing. Be Moral, Liberating, or more Utility centric, choose your own path.

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