How To Download Custom Wrestlers in WWE 2K22

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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Download from an endless choice of community-led custom wrestlers in WWE 2K22 and even upload your very own.

Custom character creation has always been one of the best parts of WWE games. Who doesn’t want to put their unique wrestling superstar against the biggest names in the industry? WWE 2K series takes it up a notch by allowing players to upload and download their custom wrestlers via a community creation feature, also included in WWE 2K22. Furthermore, the character creation in this game is highly detailed. So, with a bit of patience, anyone can make and upload any fictional and non-fictional character they can imagine and share them with the whole world.

A lot of wrestlers are missing in WWE 2K22, disappointing a lot of fans. But with the Community Creation feature and Custom Wrestlers, aka CAWs, players can just create and share them. Although it won’t be completely the same as if they were in the roster. You can still play with some pretty accurate renditions. In fact, some of the custom wrestlers are really enjoyable and very realistic, if not 100%, including cross-platform downloads.

Moreover, Community Creations also includes move-sets, arenas, game modes, etc. For this guide, we cover uploading and downloading custom superstars. The other categories also follow the same methods, more or less.

Uploading Custom Wrestlers in WWE 2K22

Go to Online Hub, select Community Creations, and choose Uploads. Here you will see a lot of different categories of uploads. Since this guide talks mostly about custom wrestlers, go ahead and select Superstars. Choose the other tabs if you’re interested in uploading something else, such as Championships or Move-sets. There is a lot of freedom here.

Upload Wrestlers WWE 2K22

In the Superstars section, choose one of the unlocked empty slots, choose your desired custom wrestlers and upload it. Initially, from a total of 40, only 10 slots will be unlocked to upload. Rest will unlock as your Community Creations rank increases. From Bronze to Silver to Gold and the final rank: Diamond. To increase it, simply have a lot of popularity and downloads for your shared creations. Hence, make sure to always create something interesting and fun to play with. Maybe an accurate rendition of an iconic wrestler that is missing in the game.

Don’t forget to turn on the Community Creations feature from the online settings menu in the game, as well as create and link your 2K account to access everything.

Downloading Custom Wrestlers in WWE 2K22

Downloading Custom Wrestlers is similar to uploading them. Instead of going to the Uploads tab, head to the Downloads tab. Like before, select Superstars, and you’ll end up in kind of a home page for downloading. This page display contents that are most downloaded, recent, and much more.

Download Wrestlers WWE 2K22

For custom search, press Triangle/Y to bring up the search menu. Use hashtags to search for any specific creation. You can either use specified hashtags attributed to in-game Superstars, WWE culture or type your own from the My Hashtags section. You can then download whatever/whoever you want.

Unless you notice an exclamation mark while browsing through some of the custom characters, this exclamation mark means it contains items from a purchasable Superstar not present in your roster. Press the download button to know which Superstars you need to buy in-game to gain access. Nevertheless, whichever you can download, preview them. Make sure you like what you see. You will get a total of 100 slots for your downloaded custom creations.

That’s how you can download custom wrestlers in WWE 2K22. Go ahead and make your own diverse personal WWE 2K22 roster.

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