“We are currently looking into ways 5 stacks can play together competitively”, VALORANT dev says

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games is apparently working on more ways for a premade five-man team to queue together competitively in VALORANT.

Right now, VALORANT ranked mode only allows 2 players to queue together after they reach a certain rank threshold in order to keep high-level lobbies somewhat balanced. However, some of the pro VALORANT players are now voicing their frustrations over the one-sided nature of most matches, especially in the ranked mode.

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TenZ, who currently represents Sentinels, is often considered to be one of the most mechanically proficient players in the scene has stated that Riot should seriously consider introducing some form of FPL or pro 10 man hub where top players can queue together in a five-man queue.

According to TenZ, players are not open to communicating with their teammates even in Radiant rank matches which results in players losing unnecessarily. Nevertheless, adding some sort of FPL lobby similar to what Counter-Strike has could be a game-changer for both current professional players as well as aspiring future superstars.

Riot is cooking something

In response, VALORANT’s senior competitive designer explained that they are working on this exact pain point. So, they might be in the process of creating some sort of alternative lobby for only pro players alongside the normal ranked game mode.

However, the dev didn’t clarify exactly what they are working on. Based on rumors, most players are speculating that Riot might just be working on an FPL type clone for VALORANT.

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