Wattson Fans Want Respawn To Give Her Special Perks While Reviving in Apex Legends

Wattson feels very underwhelming to play in Season 13 of Apex Legends. So, her Fans want Respawn to buff her reviving ability.

Respawn released Wattson in Season 2 of Apex Legends. She was the third character to become a part of the Defensive Legends roster, followed by Gibraltar and Caustic. Players immediately became fans of her as soon as her trailer was released.

Currently, there are five defensive characters in the Legends’ lineup. Gilbraltar and Caustic have been popular among the community for a while now. Since Season 13 update, players have also started enjoying playing Rampart again as she has received quite a buff.

On the other hand, Newcastle’s launch has also been a pretty massive success as his pick rate is still one of the highest in the new Season. However, Wattson is the only defensive legend to have fallen behind in the new meta.

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Wattson’s Reviving Ability Buff

When Wattson was released in Season 2, she was one of the game’s most potent and useful characters. However, since Respawn nerfed her, players started to shift to other defensive Legends. Though Wattson received a fair amount of buffs throughout the course of Apex Legends, it did not make the players come back to playing Wattson again like before.

She is now in a balanced state; however, her pick rate is still one of the lowest in the game. So players want Respawn to buff her to an extent so that she doesn’t get too OP and becomes on par with the other defensive Characters.

A Reddit user called “MrJTYates” recently pointed out an excellent Wattson buff idea. Unlike most other Legends, Wattson has a unique revive animation in the game. However, there are no special perks along with the revive animation.

So, many users in the comments have agreed that Wattson needs a buff with her revive ability, such as restoring shields upon the revive or fast revive just like Gibraltar.

Another Reddit user named “FrogFlavouredWater” said that Wattson should be able to revive teammates with 25 extra shields or 75 shields if she has a Gold backpack. Nonetheless, any of the implementations can be a good step toward boosting Wattson’s pick rate all over again without making her too powerful.

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