Water Wheel Puzzle Guide – Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

Akib Aditya Khan
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Learn how to solve the Water Wheel Puzzle in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

The Lost Crown is the latest addition to the famous franchise Prince of Persia. The game has brought back many old features of the game, which will surely make the veterans very nostalgic about their old days. Ubisoft has done an amazing job in adding new flavors to the game while keeping the old essence intact.

Despite being a side scroll game with 2D graphics, the game has no deficit of gameplay elements. To be true to the spirit of previous Prince of Persia installments, this latest addition also features so many intriguing puzzles to keep you engaged throughout the journey.

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On their journey, players will find a puzzle involving a Water Wheel to open a locked door to progress further in the game. This puzzle might seem very tricky and complicated. In this guide, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to solve the Water Wheel Puzzle in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

Water Wheel Puzzle in The Lost Crown

Wheel Puzzle 1

Once players reach the puzzle location, they’ll come across a massive wheel with two poles attached to it, right next to a gear. To crack this puzzle, they gotta jump and grab onto the lower pole. Then, they gotta jump onto the left pole. From there, they’ll spot a hook on the wall to their left. Now, they gotta jump onto that hook. And finally, they need to jump up and whack the switch on the ceiling. Simple as that!

Wheel Puzzle 2

After flipping the switch, players can touch the ground again. Now, they just gotta stand on the left pressure plate below the wheel. This will get the water flowing and make the wheel spin. When the poles swing to the right and lower side, players should release the pressure plate. Now, hop back on the lower pole and then onto the pole on the right. Once on the right pole, simply jump straight up and hit another switch on the ceiling.

Wheel Puzzle 3

So, here’s how it works: when you stand on the right pressure plate, it rotates both the wheel and the gear. You gotta stay on that plate until the pole on the gear reaches the upper position. Once it’s up there, hop back on the left pressure plate to rotate the wheel. If you stay on the right plate, it’ll just keep turning the gear more.

Wheel Puzzle 4

So, here’s the final plan: First, stand on the left plate and bring the poles back to their previous positions, which are right and lower. Then, jump onto the lower pole and make your way over to the right pole. Once there, spot a hook on the right wall. All you have to do is jump and hang on that hook, and ta-da! The door below will open up for them.

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