Guide to the Statue Puzzle in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

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Learn how to solve the Statue Puzzle in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

After a very long wait, a new installment of Prince of Persia has been released. However, much to the disappointment of many fans, the developers have chosen to stick with the side-scrolling feature that has become synonymous with the franchise.

Despite being a side scroll game with 2D graphics, the game has no deficit of gameplay elements. To be true to the spirit of previous Prince of Persia installments, this latest addition also features so many intriguing puzzles to keep you engaged throughout the journey.

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Addition to that, one such puzzle that you will come across is the Statue Puzzle found at Soma Tree. This puzzle might seem a bit complicated if the players do not know the process to solve it. This comprehensive guide will show each and every step in detail to solve the Statue Puzzle and proceed through Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

The Lost Crown – Statue Puzzle Solution

Prince of Persia Statue Puzzle

After defeating Kiana, players can proceed to the Soma Tree where they will find a puzzle involving some statues and three pedestals. Solving this puzzle will give them access to the Hyrcanian Forest. Once players reach the location, they will find three pedestals with some statues on top of them. The solution to the puzzle is provided in a riddle written on a stele located on the left side of the first pedestal.

On the extreme left side of this room, players will find a stele with a riddle written inside it. The riddle reads,

These statues keep watch, a certain direction they face. There’s an object hidden within a secret place. The largest one looks to the east and watches all the rest. The medium guards the smaller in the direction that is best. Finally, observing the other two, the smallest awaits a guest.”

Now, players must put the correct statues on the correct pedestals and also make sure that they are facing the correct direction. Additionally, the main statues that need to be collected to solve this puzzle can be found above and beneath the player’s layer.

Statue Puzzle Large Statue

To start with, head over to the left side of the room and use the wall to jump to the upper floor. Once on the right side of this floor, you will find a large statue. Now, use the Dimensional Claw to grab the statue. Afterward, return to the puzzle room and drop the large statue there.

Prince of Persia Statue Puzzle Medium Statue

Now, proceed towards the right side of the room and drp down two levels until you reach the final floor. Look for a medium-sized statue, obtained using the Dimensional Claw. Once having it, move to the lower level and place the statue on the second floor.

Next, navigate through the puzzle floor by utilizing the left wall and jumping onto it. Make your way towards the right side of the puzzle floor and descend to the level where the statue is located. To complete the puzzle, bring the medium statue back to its designated spot using the Dimensional Claw.

Prince of Persia Statue Puzzle Solution

To complete the collection of statues, you must rearrange and orient them correctly. Start by using the Dimensional Claw to move the colorless small statue and position it on the ground. Then, place the large statue on the left pedestal, facing towards the right side of the screen.

Similarly, position the medium statue in the middle, also facing towards the right side. Beforehand, grab the colored small statue and place it on the rightmost pedestal, facing towards the left side.

Once you have placed all the statues on the correct pedestal and made them face the correct direction, a chest will appear in front of the door and give the players an Azures Damascus Ingot as a reward.

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