All Main Missions in Prince of Persia (PoP): The Lost Crown

Muhibul Alam Chowdhury
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Here is a list of every main mission you must complete in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is the first major installment in the Prince of Persia series since 2010. Though the series is known as 3D Action Adventure traversal heavy gameplay, the Lost Crown is instead a 2.5D side-scrolling Metroidvania game.

Like other Metroidvanias, it features a non-linear interconnected world. Furthermore, the series’ trademark use of time powers for both platforming and combat is fleshed out further in this title.

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You play as Sargon, a member of an elite group of warriors named ” The Immortals”. They travel to Mount Qaf, on a quest to rescue Prince Ghassan from the Sand Prison. Throughout this journey, you’ll gain access to new powers, face betrayal and deceit, and explore the cursed and hostile city of Mount Qaf.

This guide lists every main mission in the game, of which there are 10.

Keep in mind that the game’s non-linear nature means there are many side quests in addition to the main storyline. However, focusing only on the main missions, the game is relatively short and should take around 10 hours to complete.

**WARNING** The rest of the article contains major spoilers.

List of All Main Missions in PoP: The Lost Crown

The game begins on a battlefield, with the Kushans attacking Persia. The Kushans seem to be winning until the Immortals arrive. The battle ends with you, Sargon, fighting General Uvishka of the Kushans.

The celebration following Persia’s victory is cut short as Ghassan is kidnapped by Anahita, Sargon’s mentor, and taken to Mount Qaf. The Immortals journey to Mount Qaf to rescue the Prince. There, Sargon is betrayed by Vahram, the leader of the Immortals.

Sargon must then travel on a journey through time and fight comrades along the way to save Prince Ghassan.

Below is a list of every main mission in the game, along with the locations where the missions take place:

  • 1. Prologue
    • Locations : Thomyris Palace
    • Bosses: General Uvishka
  • 2. Lost in Mount Qaf
    • Locations: Hyrcanian Forest, Lower City
    • Weapons Unlocked: Menolias’ Bow, Chakram
    • Bosses: Jahandar
  • 3. The Abducted Prince
    • Locations: Lower City, Sacred Archives, Upper City
    • Bosses: Vahram
    • Time Power: Rush of the Simurgh
  • 4. The Tiger and the Rat
    • Locations: The Depths
    • Time Power Unlocked: Shadow of the Simurgh
  • 5. The Path to the Sand Prison
    • Locations: The Depths, Sunken Harbor, Hyrcanian Forest, Sacred Archives, Pit of Eternal Sands
    • Time Power Unlocked: Dimensional Claw, Clairvoyance
  • 6. The Darkest of Souls
    • Locations: Pit of Eternal Sands
    • Bosses: Azdaha
    • Time Power Unlocked: Gravity Wings
  • 7. The Celestial Guardians
    • Locations: Upper City, Raging Sea, Pit of Eternal Sands
    • Bosses: Orod, Menolias
    • Upgrade Unlocked: Chakram Upgrade: Shadow of the Simurgh
  • 8. Return to the Past
    • Locations Explored: Upper City
    • Bosses: Varham
    • Time Power Unlocked: Fabric of Time
  • 9. Father and Son
    • Locations Explored: Tower of Silence
    • Bosses: King Darius
  • 10. The Crossroads of Time
    • Locations Explored: Crossroads of Time
    • Bosses Fought: ???

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